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Copyleaks Brightspace Plagiarism checker ensures that the students don’t indulge in plagiarizing content. Hence, this particular tool is essential both for the students and the educationists. In the current learning environment this is the best tool that both the students and educators can have. Here is a little about the Brightspace LMS used widely after a short introduction to what we deem to be plagiarism. Brightspace plagiarism checker serves as a single stop to all plagiarism related issues. It helps to scan students’ assignments quickly and in any language. The technical support provided by Copyleaks Brightspace LTI seamlessly completes the whole task without any additional work for covering all angles of plagiarism.

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Copyleaks for Brightspace LMS

The user must follow specific essential steps to use the application for its best utility. Students’ lives, especially in universities, are full of such problems and hassles of plagiarism. To curtail the problem, plagiarism checkers are available online with a list of options and features for the ease of functioning required by students.

Soon after proper installation of the application, it reveals the extraordinary features that it has. The following are the amazing ones that make Brightspace plagiarism checker the ultimate choice for academicians and university students. It might seem strange that’s why such an extensive discussion, since the same authenticity is promised by many other companies? The answers to this are:

  1. The Brightspace LTI detector can locate and determine paraphrased contents. So to say it can understand, promptly, whether the assignment provided for plagiarism check is a simple rephrasing of an already existing idea or not. Thereby the originality issue is checked with at a single click.
  2. After successfully uploading the targeted file, a simple click and scan option performs all the vital functions by itself. It checks for duplicate or plagiarized contents. So a wholesome report of similar content is achieved at the end.
  3. The biggest magic served by Brightspace LMS is its ability to deduce more than 100 languages. If a document is uploaded in any global communication, it can be read correctly by the application. It is fed with a list of vernacular languages more or less used by researchers for projects.

Files in any format are accepted by this student LMS, .jpg, .doc, or pdf, the D2L Brightspace LMS welcomes every extension. Hence, Brightspace learning is on its way to become the most user-friendly platform that will provide the students, and the educators with an unmatched learning experience.

How does D2L Brightspace LMS Detect plagiarism?

  1. A simple installation will not finish the job of a plagiarism checker if not used properly. So here’s a guide on how to use it. LMS or learning management system, in short, is an application that smoothens the work of the university and school students and educators. The platform enables both students and teachers to post any vital notice, submit their assignments, and other such things to experience the proper functioning:
  2. First, one needs to log in to Brightspace LMS to upload the assignment required for plagiarism check.
  3. Under the course, the navigator bar clicks on the Activities and assessments option from the dropdown bar.
  1. From therein again, viewers will get the assignment option. Click on it.
  2. Inside the assignment option, the new folder submission option will pop up. Click the same to upload the required file.
  3. On the next page, a name must be provided for the assignment and then click the submit option to be done with the whole process.

In brief about Brightspace and LMS

The above discussion and several others are done repeatedly to make viewers, especially students and educators, realize the importance of any plagiarism checker for students and its functioning. An overall clear yet concise idea will help users to understand how and when to use it. The features and options of such software even help students to choose from among the best. In this article, the discussion is on Brightspace LMS.

This particular student LMS developed by Desire 2 Learn, provides an excellent platform for academicians, and the plagiarism check journey is as easy as making coffee. The system helps students to submit their assignments for plagiarism checks. While on the other hand, educators can provide grades, post announcements, or new projects.

All the users accessing a particular website can get a glimpse of such information due to the presence of such tools. If you are having an online course also, you can use this tool. The grades to be provided to the submitted papers are done faster, more efficiently with Brightspace as an LMS.


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The answer to this is yes. You can unveil the magic yourself by using the software. This learning repository ensures that you’re not stuck at unnecessary technicalities, and you fully concentrate on your studies.
It is because the application is designed in an innovative way like no other software. The app helps detect plagiarism in any language. It is fed with above 100 different languages. So fearlessly write your assignment in any language you feel you are comfortable with.

Not much. It is made available mostly for universities and schools at a reasonable price. That will be worth it. Also, there are various plans, which you can choose according to your budget, this includes the ‘Prepaid,’ and the ‘Subscription,’ plans. Apart from all that, we also provide various offers and discounts that will suit your pocket, and after signing up with us you get 10 pages free, which helps you to check for up to 2500 words, free of cost.

Click on any plagiarism checker websites which are authentic like Copyleaks and widely used. Follow the below steps to get the Copyleaks Add-in: Go to the ‘Insert,’ tab of your Microsoft Office Word document.
If not 100 percent, it is undoubtedly about 99%. Additional tabs and plagiarism check options are unnecessary with Brightspace LMS as a detector. It checks for copied ideas, paraphrased, content theft, errors, etc. all in a single click.
Yes, working with the Copyleaks LTI for Brightspace makes checking student assignments very easy.

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