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With an increased focus on online learning and the bulk of materials available online, it becomes difficult for educators to keep track of original documents and similarly grade the assignments. Thus Canvas Copyleaks LMS provides an integrated platform to check both tasks and the resulting plagiarism in them.

Install Canvas Plagiarism Checker Plugin

The Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Plugin helps check for plagiarism while using the Copyleaks Canvas LMS application. This provides users with a complete and comprehensive plagiarism report after installation. The report provides a detailed summary of the amount of plagiarism present.

The users don’t need to turn every page or scan them individually. Uploading them once will enable Copyleaks to check the documents at a go. Using this is efficient, it saves time and extra work and makes the checking process streamlined while leaving little room for mistakes.

Canvas allows integration of different applications like Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for students and teachers to make their grading process precise. This enhances their learning experience.

The plagiarism checker runs assessments on the students’ assignments and provides a similarity report. They also offer result links and similarity percentages.

Copyleaks Canvas LMS

With the advent of the internet, students get free and unlimited access to tons of Internet resources. This can be dangerous for their learning process as it is now easy to copy someone’s work and present it as their own. This issue of plagiarism is not only damaging to their education but also their career. Their entire work can be dismissed, and their academic career can be put to risk(in more severe cases). To avoid this problem and maintain academic integrity, educational institutions have started using plagiarism detection software like Copyleaks. The Canvas plagiarism checker plugin facility helps you to access our plagiarism checker through the user interface. This enhances online learning in higher education by preventing most kinds of plagiarism both intentional and unintentional.

The salient features of Copyleaks Canvas LMS are:

  • Accurate, efficient, and reliable plagiarism detection: After checking the submitted paper for plagiarism, we generate a detailed report of existing plagiarism. It gives a review of all matching sources, references, and plagiarism statistics. All suspicious segments are highlighted, and reports are available for download in PDF format.
  • Multiple-language supported: Copyleaks Canvas LMS supports multiple languages. It allows one to enter documents in different languages and runs searches efficiently.
  • Various file formats accepted: Various file formats like pdf, .doc, etc. are recognized, enhancing the ease of plagiarism check.
  • Percentage of plagiarism reported: Plagiarism checkers provide a detailed account of the plagiarism present and give a report of how much plagiarism is present. This helps to understand how much of the text one has to change.

How Does Copyleaks Canvas LMS Detect Plagiarism

  • Install Canvas Copyleaks LMS plugin.
  • Select an online submission option
  • Select online entry type
  • Then use Copyleaks Canvas to run plagiarism scans

What is a Canvas LMS?

Canvas is a learning management system used by students and teachers to share files in one platform. It offers customizable teaching and learning experience by engaging students with video-based learning modules. A Learning Management System is a platform that universities, colleges, high schools, and workplaces can use to assemble different documents. It gives these institutions access to various features like institution-wide updates, helps make announcements to specific groups, delivers educational courses to large groups at a go, etc. It is an umbrella of activities that can be clubbed under E-learning. Canvas learning system helps teachers create their own folders to track various courses they are teaching to different classes. It also helps in the automated delivery of homework to students. Teachers can then accept these assignments from students via Learning Management Systems and efficiently grade the student papers by editing Canvas’s tasks.

Other LMS platform we support

We support Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace learning platforms. Each has its own unique features and contribution to the learning space. Plugin for each is available on our website. Explore each one of them and choose the one that suits you best.

Install the Canvas Plagiarism Checker for your institution today

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Canvas doesn’t have a built-in plagiarism checking application. But it is easy to integrate third-party features like Copyleaks plagiarism checking applications with Canvas.
Copyleaks are accurate and function efficiently with Canvas. About 98% of plagiarisms are detected by Copyleaks. Apart from comparing with online content, it can also check whether students have copied from each other’s work.
Copyleaks are safe and can be used to check academic assignments. They provide users with added protection whenever they use this website as their records are not shared with anyone else. It’s true that we use cookies, but we are very careful about your confidential information, and we don’t share them, unless there is an exceptional legal issue.

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