Plagiarism Checker for Qualification Assessments

Our plagiarism checker for qualification assessments is the most comprehensive way to detect plagiarized work in official testing in the education and professional world. The Copyleaks plagiarism detector uses advanced algorithms, to search for copies of content throughout the internet. Our search includes billions of pages on the web, academic journals, password protected sites, private archives, as well as comparing against your own previously submitted documents to compare against one another.

Ensure qualification test answers are original with our plagiarism detector. Integrate your LMS or school website with Copyleaks Open-Source API available in multiple languages. Easily scan content against previous and current applicant work to be sure there was no sharing of work that took place.

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Who can use it to detect plagiarism in qualification assessments?

Our plagiarism checker was designed for all faculty in universities and colleges, qualification authorities, and ministries of education within the government. Our features make it easy for teachers and test authorities to see if there is similar or plagiarized work in the submitted exams.

We make it easy for the assessment creator to determine how to conduct the plagiarism scan. Our system can integrate with a website or other platform as well as allow users to upload 100 documents at a to scan for plagiarism.


Why is Copyleaks the best plagiarism checker for qualification assessments and exams?

Our technology is able to access academic journals and archives that are not public on the internet. This allows us to conduct a thorough scan against student work to assure content originality. Our plagiarism checker for assessments is the easiest way to check if students plagiarized from online sources or from each other.

Compare submitted work against various documents and immediately see the comparison report. View the results of similar content including a direct website link, number of words and percentage, and highlighted passages. It’s easy for any assessment member to scan files and and receive results quickly and efficiently.

Features of University Plagiarism Checker

Accurate & Shareable

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose. Daily, weekly, and monthly scans can be scheduled through our API with as much content as you want.

Upload All File Formats

We are able to conduct a scan for plagiarism on all file formats. Scan content in all file types including pdf, doc, html, txt, and more. Watch the progress of the scan and receive results immediately.

Use on All Devices

It’s easy to see the results of our scan on all of your devices. Upload files to be scanned straight from your devices, and receive results to share with colleagues and freelancers.

Comprehensive Results

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose.

Scan Physical Content

Our app is able to scan physical content with OCR technology and find duplicate text. All you need to do is take a quick photo and receive results in as little as a few seconds. This is the perfect feature for editors on-the-go.


Integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Routine scans give you up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content.

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