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Teachers/professors often have to conduct several assignments and check several papers within a limited time. Teachers work honestly to keep the integrity of the academic institute intact. However, time constraints and other pressures can lead to mistakes. For this very reason, we have created the Plagiarism Checker for Universities. Our software application is designed to help university educators comply with the deadlines without compromising the quality. Our tool is going to save you time and also help you assign grades to academic assignments. In simple words, our task is to ensure that papers remain plagiarism-free in a world where plagiarism cases are rising exponentially.
Detect Plagiarism for Universities

University professors have a lot to work upon. There are multiple student papers on different topics that require thorough checking. A fast and simple tool is your best companion.

We provide a quick plagiarism scan in seconds. You can scan a document by directly pasting the text in our text window and seeing the results.

Who can use it to detect plagiarism in universities?
We know how important it is for you to ensure that plagiarism is not present in a paper. If you have to manually check for duplicate content, it will be a taxing task for you. Hence, we have developed the best application to check for plagiarism in student works. Bulk documents can be uploaded for scanning.
Why is Copyleaks the best plagiarism checker for universities?
Our deep search technology is best suited for plagiarism detection. We can search for archives that are not yet freely accessible in the virtual field. All our reports are complete in all respects. You get the full information on the site/journal from where data has been taken without providing an adequate citation.
Features of University Plagiarism Checker

Multiple Languages​

Our technology has the ability to scan files and URLs for plagiarism in all unicode languages. This includes asian character languages. This a great option for foreign language teachers that are looking to grade assignments in multiple languages.

Accessible from all devices​

The mobile app is completely synced with your site account, making sure you will always be able to scan new content. Easily check for scan results from any device. Upload files stored on your device to be scanned for plagiarism.

Scan Physical Content​

Our OCR technology has the ability to scan physical content for plagiarism. Simply take a photo of any written content and immediately receive a report about any similar content on the web. This is the perfect plagiarism checker for professors that receive hard copies of assignments.

Multiple Languages​

Submit all kinds of file formats to scan for plagiarism. File types include pdf, doc, html, txt, and more. Documents are scanned in a simple process and watch the progress of the scan.​

Comprehensive Results​

Copyleaks algorithms conduct a deep search of the internet to find plagiarized content. Get the most focused and accurate reports immediately from our college plagiarism checker. All results can be easily viewed and compared to the original work.​


Integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Routine scans give you up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content.

Guidelines for avoiding plagiarism

It is vital to know the methods that should be followed to avoid plagiarism in academic papers. Copy and paste errors are not the only form of plagiarism that occurs in the academic world. There are several apparently minor mistakes involving proper citation and proper texting that can turn a significant portion of the paper into plagiarized content. To avoid such problems, the following points can be noted:

  • Understand the definition of plagiarism: A lack of understanding of the concept of plagiarism often results in more significant problems. Students need to know about the different forms of plagiarism in detail. Plagiarism is not just copying a passage from a virtual or offline source. You need to know everything about plagiarism to avoid making mistakes in your paper.
  • Be aware of the consequences of plagiarism: Some laws protect texts from copyright infringement. Violating those laws can affect the academic career person in a life-long manner. Past cases of plagiarism can affect the present and future of an academic scholar.
  • Know the citation style: Plagiarism checker for universities marks issues that involve the wrong citation style. It is essential to ask your professor regarding the citation style that has to be followed for the dissertation. It is vital to maintain that citation style for the paper to avoid plagiarism cases.
  • Be meticulous while writing an essay: A well-researched dissertation takes time and offers new intellectual insights. References have to be added sequentially, but that process must be initiated while writing the first draft of the paper. This helps in keeping references in order. Procrastination, in this regard, leads to an erroneous paper with multiple plagiarism issues.
To prevent people from reusing content, we have an efficient plagiarism scanner. We know it is difficult for you to decide because there are so many free tools available on the internet. But our quality reports provide you with the advantage of getting at the root of plagiarism. Use our services and say goodbye to all your woes related to plagiarism scanning.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Universities use a plagiarism checker for teachers to detect plagiarism in academic papers. They upload the academic papers in the Copyleaks plagiarism checker and scan for it. The scanning process gets completed within a few minutes or so, and the report is provided to the university. If an academic paper is not plagiarized it will not have any highlighted parts, but if it is plagiarized, then the plagiarized portions will be highlighted.
Professors use copy and paste detectors for teachers to scan assignments for plagiarized text. If an academic, or a research paper is plagiarized then the report will show that along with the source from, where the content has been taken. Thus, it will become easier for the professor to know if your paper has plagiarized content or not.
Around 10-15% of similar words are allowed. If a single passage constitutes the entire 15%, then the paper has plagiarized content. 25% or higher the same word count is deemed as plagiarism. It is up to teachers and faculty to determine and acceptable amount of similar text in student assignments.
Use the Copyleaks plagiarism scanner to conduct a thorough plagiarism check of the research paper. To check the document follow the simple steps given below: First, Go to your Copyleaks account. Now click on ‘New Scan’. After clicking on New Scan, you can either upload your file or URL, or the Source code, to check for plagiarism. You can also copy-paste your text or click on ‘Compare Text,’ to compare your document with another one.
Yes, colleges check for plagiarism as there are chances of students plagiarizing content, intentionally, or unintentionally. Moreover, today, there are several essay writing service providers, who at times, provide plagiarized content, hence, colleges check for that too, document. After you have logged-in to your Copyleaks account, go to New Scan, now you can either upload, a file, URL, or source code, or you can directly paste the text you have written, to find out if your content is plagiarized. You can also compare your text with another text to know if both are similar or not.

To identify school plagiarism, teachers use classroom plagiarism checkers. It helps them to know whether the student has copied from someone else’s work or not. If the student has copied from someone else’s work without giving proper credits Copyleaks duplicate content checker will reflect that. with a high-quality copy detector, like Copyleaks.

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