Understanding Plagiarism Report: Avoiding the Similarity Trap

Originality in any writing has its value. The essentiality of the plagiarism checking of any content before the submission is mandatory now.  Similarity report checkers have fundamental importance to avoid plagiarism. What Exactly Plagiarism Report Is? Writers like bloggers, teachers, students, SEO specialists, and authors cover usurp much time writing any content or text. They […]

Anti-Plagiarism Software: Features, Uses and Benefits

Plagiarism is one of the most important issues that the educational community around the world is concerned about. It is unethical for a student to use somebody’s ideas or work, and pass them off as his or her own without citing the original source. The problem of plagiarism is not limited to education; instead, it […]

Artificial Intelligence: A Big Deal for a Plagiarism Checker Tool

We live in a digital era, where technology is constantly improving every day, making it important for us to stay updated. Businesses are running against the clock and efficiency is the name of the game. We have over time come across a number of inventions, which have improved our efficiency, and today we have come […]

Famous Cases of Plagiarism in Comics

Comics are one of the most preferred materials that most children and teenagers love to read and have fun. The attractive colors and overall presentation of the book makes them pleasant and entertaining to read. Though the first ever comic was published in 1933, it grew in popularity only in 1938. By the year 1940, […]

Plagiarism Meaning in Tamil: Understanding Duplication in Literature

Major plagiarism scam in scientific papers of Annamalai University featured in The Wire has reinforced the need for understanding plagiarism meaning in a broader scope. The disturbing news regarding plagiarism has surfaced in Tamil Nadu. The Annamalai University, which predominantly deals with research, has been found guilty of plagiarism.  200+ Papers by Annamalai Univ Scientists […]

How a Plagiarism Software Can Help You to Produce Quality Content

The beauty of any work or writing depends on its quality and uniqueness. A writer’s primary goal is to reach the reader through their writing, but if a writer ends up using copied content from other writers, it takes away its actual essence. Hence the writer fails to convey their message, failing the purpose of […]

Learn Why Anti-Plagiarism Software Is a Handy Tool for Researchers

The modern educational system is more inclined to use a more research-based curriculum for university courses. The researchers need to produce thesis papers as per their academic courses. While writing the paper, it may happen that the students or researchers have mistakenly included some parts of their reference material into their original content. It is […]

Avoid Plagiarism in Your Ph.D. Thesis in India by Following These Rules

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Ph.D. Thesis? To add up to the promotion of academic integrity and minimize plagiarism cases in research papers in an Indian university, UGC has adopted strict policies to combat plagiarism in your Ph.D. thesis in India. Hence, it has become a compulsion to learn the policies to avoid plagiarism […]

How India Is Cracking Down on Plagiarism in the Country

How Is India Cracking Down on Plagiarism? India Can Be an Excellent Example for Others While talking about carefully curated write-ups, one cannot ignore the issue of plagiarism. India, even though has a rich literature and culture, too, cannot avoid it. However, it has definitely cracked down a lot. Before moving to the burning question […]

4 Types of Plagiarism and How to Avoid

What is Plagiarism and Ways to Avoid it Types of plagiarism deal with the wrongful copying of the text of another author without mentioning the source. This misrepresentation and copying of a particular text as one’s original writing is a serious offense. The offense of plagiarism can result in punishment as it comes under the […]