Using Synonyms Is Still Plagiarism – Learn How to Avoid It!

The writers, publishers, and bloggers who are quite experienced in the field and have a grasp over the art of writing are well aware of the dos and don’ts to avoid plagiarism in any written piece. The problem arises with the beginners who are still a novice in this regard. Learn how to avoid plagiarism […]

Thesis Checker: Plagiarism-Proof Your Research Before Publishing

The writers and researchers nowadays prefer to use the online mode of publication, gaining popularity with time. It is less expensive, and the writers can reach many readers within a short time. With the popularity of online publication, the tendency of plagiarism has also increased. Many researchers submit their plagiarized content without checking, but it […]

Avoid Plagiarism in Your Ph.D. Thesis in India by Following These Rules

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Ph.D. Thesis? To add up to the promotion of academic integrity and minimize plagiarism cases in research papers in an Indian university, UGC has adopted strict policies to combat plagiarism in your Ph.D. thesis in India. Hence, it has become a compulsion to learn the policies to avoid plagiarism […]

Plagiarism Checker: Ace Your Research Paper Outline

Academic and research papers are the scholarly papers that academicians and students often refer to in their course work. A research paper outline is a useful tool for students in the writing process to help the readers understand more about the write-up. It is non-fiction writing. Primarily, this form of writing deals with a report […]