Why Is Plagiarism Important? Is It Not the Easy Way Out?

What does the word «kidnapper» mean to most people? Well, according to most people’s ordinary knowledge kidnapper is that particular person who abducts children. It has no connection with writing an academic paper or any content unless one is writing fiction. Here is a quick guide on Why is Plagiarism Important. However, plagiarism has a […]

Plagiarism Quiz: Helping You Test Your Knowledge

Nowadays, schools and colleges are taking the initiative to teach their students about plagiarism. One can simply define plagiarism as an unethical use of someone else’s work without crediting them. The basic idea of plagiarism in actual life can be tricky. Students need more in-depth knowledge about plagiarism to stay away from it. The same […]

Word Compare Tool: Another Way to Check for Plagiarism

Why Do People Use a Word Compare Tool? The alarming rate of plagiarism cases in every field drives the writers to seek another word compare tool as an effective way of checking and preventing plagiarism. The alleged accusations and instances of plagiarism are in every field, including academic, professional, and entertainment and has been rising […]

Self-Plagiarism: How to Avoid It

Plagiarism is the practice of using someone else’s work or ideas and passing it off as their own. It is not only limited to the illegal copying of writing. Stealing of any artwork, including music, photographs, choreographies, and ideas, comes under this term. Plagiarism is a form of theft, and it is harmful to both […]