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We are excited to share some of the new and exciting features that we’ve recently launched here at Copyleaks!

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The All-New Admin Tool

Now available in the Copyleaks Platform and as part of our LMS and API integrations 

With the release of the new Admin tool, there’s now more flexibility and control over an organization, including:

  • Better Organization Management: You can now arrange department positioning within the organization, manage accounts, control who has access to what information and data, have better visibility of existing users, and more.
  • Create and Manage Policies: An exciting new perk of the new Admin is the ability to create and implement policies across specific departments or the entire organization.
  • Multiple Admins: Now, you can have multiple admins to help manage your organization, including creating new policies, managing repositories, assigning scan profiles, resetting passwords, and more. 
  • New Sharing Capabilities: As part of the new Admin, you can now easily share documents, reports, etc., with a specific department or the entire organization.
  • And much more!

Log into your Copyleaks account today and discover the all-new Admin tool.

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Scheduled Recurring Scans

New content is being created at an unprecedented rate; stay on top of how yours is being used with scheduled automatic recurring scans, now part of the Copyleaks platform.

AI Content Detector

Our powerful AI text detector is a simple to use tool that can help you identify text that has been generated by a variety of AI text generators. Quickly and easily distinguish between human generated text and machine generated text, allowing you to make informed decisions about the information validity and integrity.

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Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection

A first-of-its-kind innovation that allows you to scan and compare content for potential plagiarism across 30 different languages, more than any other platform, with additional languages added regularly.

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Global Data Centers

With the launch of our new Global Data Centers, we can now meet the demand for data centers across the globe.

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API User Update

API users can choose to unselect any of the three similarity scores from their reports in order to see more specific results. For more API updates, you can see the release notes here:


We’ve made our website and reports even more accessible to everyone. To learn more about the updates, you can visit our Accessibility page

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Export Multiple Reports

It’s now easier than ever to export multiple reports from the My Scans area. Select the reports you want to export, then simply download them to a Zip file.

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Copyleaks Identity

You can now manage your security settings, billing, teams, and repositories in one place.

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Teams & Repositories

Collaboration is now more accessible than ever. You can manage users and documents, view analytics, and set user permissions.

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