Copyleaks Private Repositories

An exclusive internal database for your business or educational institution.

Save, store, and compare your internal documents in a secure, private, and dedicated Copyleaks Private Repository.

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Compare Internal
& External Data

Save time by uploading internal documents only once—100% free whether you’re loading three months or three years of documents—and using them to compare against in future scans. You can also securely compare your documents against external content.

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Give members of your organization access to private repositories for easier collaboration, with set permission settings to help control what content is shared and what is kept private.



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You can rest easy. With military-grade 256-bit encryption and an SSL connection, all of your uploaded documents and data are securely stored in your private repository and nowhere else.

Benefits of Private Repositories


Keep Your
Content Internal

Your content is your content. It doesn’t get mixed in with other clients in a public database. It stays with you.

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In Control

You get complete control of which users can access, view, and compare against the internal documents.

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You’ll be able to see the name of the user who uploaded an original document.

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Choose What To Do
With Your Data

Data control is in your hands. You have the ability to decide if any of your data is saved to Copyleaks or not.

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Upload Documents
Only Once

With a private repository, you only have to upload a document once to have it for future use when scanning and comparing.

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Keep Your
Information Secure

Since the repository is solely yours, you can keep sensitive documents secure and available whenever you need them.

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With API

To make things even easier and seamless, your private repository can be used with Copyleaks API integrations.

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Security & Data Safety

Our top priority is the safety and security of your personal content and data. Military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection ensure your document content and account is always safe and secure. To add an additional layer of security, Copyleaks is an entirely self-service platform, which means only you have control over your account and those you share it with.

Data safety is something we take very seriously. You are the only one who can see the content you submit, which is never exposed to third parties or other users. In addition, the content submitted by you further prohibits others from plagiarizing your work.

Learn more about our data security and privacy practices here.

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