Scheduled Recurring Scans

Add a new layer of automated content protection and confidence.

Automated Content Protection Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

With a scheduled recurring scan, you can keep your content safe from potential plagiarism or unlawful duplication by automatically running a regular detection scan every day, week, bi-weekly, monthly, however often you want.

1. From the My Scans page, right-click on the scan(s) you'd like to set a scan recurrence for and select Scan Recurrence.

Scan recurrence selection interface

2. The Recurrence settings window will open where you can click Never and change it to the frequency that best suits your needs.

Scan Recurrence time frame interface

3. A recurrence frequency can also be set on new scans from the Scan Settings. Then, in the top right corner of your dashboard, simply click ‘Schedule rescans.’

Selecting recurring scans from the new scan interface

Keep Your Content Protection On Schedule


A scheduled recurring scan can keep you on top of how your published content is used and help protect against copyright infringements, plagiarism, and more.

Book with a magnifying glass

Legal Professionals

From checking support evidence that may include copyright infringement to building litigation on previous case-winning arguments, a scheduled recurring scan can offer peace of mind, whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, or anyone else in the legal field.


SEO Agencies

A scheduled recurring scan can ensure content, such as blog posts, articles, and more, are not being wrongfully duplicated on the web and taking away from your client’s hard-earned SEO rankings.

Website with a magnifying glass


You’ve worked hard on your content, so don’t let someone else steal it; keep that high-traffic blog post safe from unauthorized duplication with a scheduled recurring scan.

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Schedule your recurring scans today
and keep your content safe.