A Guide to Writing Better: Using Words to Your Advantage

Writing comes naturally to anyone while one uses a language that one is comfortable with—the mother tongue. There is no denying that for when expressing oneself better, one always seeks the language best known to them.

The problem arises when one is assigned the task of using some other language somewhat foreign to them. It tests the writer’s vocabulary, how many letters there in the alphabet, and skills to handle words.

guide to writing better

It requires that the writer steps out of their comfort zone and adopts the new language as their own this where a guide to writing better comes in handy.

Writing is an art that can be mastered. Writers can strive to reach perfection with dedication towards repeated practice. Get familiar with the tips & tricks of writing effectively.

A Guide to Writing Better:

  • In higher education or professional field, one ought to use the official language as the acceptable mode of written communication. The writing in these cases is expected to be effective.

For example: while writing a contract, a business deal, letter of appointment, and a writer must be very good with their words. The writing should be decent, if not flowery. They have to understand the tone of it and have a diplomatic approach.

  • Similarly, while preparing an academic paper or research paper, students must have a good grasp of the academic field’s language. The tone here must be formal yet should be easy to read for the readers. The writers must carefully choose their words. They neither should be too ornamented nor too mundane—grandeur and comprehensibility is the best combination.
  • For bloggers, writing is also about passion. They are serving the audience with their views, opinions, stories, experiences, and more. Writing is a reflection of their thought process and ideas. Blogs are catchy, informative, and crisp.
Reading book

There is no scope of repetition of words or lengthy paragraphs. Readers will lose focus, and they will not continue reading if there are repetition of the terms and the description of the event is not exciting.

  • Often to stylize writing, writers use high-sounding words that are beyond the comprehension of the target audience. Such writings serve no purpose. A written piece that is easily read, understood, and appreciated by the readers can be useful, not the one that is only meant for showcasing the stylized writing.

How to Make Writing Impactful?

The question that arises is, what is the best way of making writing impactful?

  • Choice of Words:

Instead of opting for difficult words, writers can focus on rarely used words that are beautiful to read and speak. Ask oneself how many letters in the alphabet? Furthermore, how many of them are relatively uncommon?

Use words with those letters. Take the dictionary’s help, learn new words, and increase vocabulary only, then the writer can produce the desired content.

  • Having Grasp Over the Language at Hand:

Content creators themselves must be very confident about their knowledge about the language they are using. Imagine a student is preparing an academic paper in English for the first time, and he or she is unaware ofhow many letters in English alphabet! There is very little chance the writer will succeed with his or her endeavor.

how many letters in alphabets

Before starting something new, one must read newspapers, read books in that language, and concentrate on listening and speaking the target language to achieve the desired fluency.

  • Fact-Checking:

Bloggers, article writers, news reporters, and others are expected to provide authentic information. A written mode of communication requires multiple steps of fact-checking.

Content checker tools can be used to judge the authenticity of the written piece, that is, whether the prepared content is simply a copy of another one or not. Conduct an in-depth study of the topic for fact-checking.

  • Avoid Plagiarism:

It is perhaps an essential step. The writers must avoid plagiarism while preparing the content to maintain the content’s standard and quality. It can be done both by manual proofreading and also with the help of online plagiarism checker tools.

The entire writing process may include multiple drafts, but before finalizing the final draft, one must consider a thorough reading and minute editing.

  • Content:

The writers must have a clear idea about the topic chosen, what and how much information they want to share with their audience. In short, writers must have something to convey through their writing.

  • Citation:

It is the safest and the right way to use other creators’ content in one’s writing. Citation reduces the risks of accusations of plagiarism. While many people consider paraphrasing as a harmless act, it is also considered an act of plagiarism if carried out without the owner’s permission.

However, writers may acknowledge the original creator’s contribution by citation. While using paraphrase software, writers must consider replacing the original passage words with word or phrase of their own or using a quotation mark to create an actual passage.

  • Format:

Followed by content creation, formatting plays a significant role in deciding the effectiveness of the written piece. It refers to the style of the sentence. Sentences should be short and crisp, which are easy to understand and follow for the reader. Secondly, one can frame the sentences in an active voice.

This way, the readers feel more connected with the written words. Sentences are written in passive voice assign a detached tone to the writing that is very unwelcoming.

The significant component, while creating something, is time. Any work done in a hurry is, no doubt, prone to errors. The writer must have a considerable amount of time to devout to the writing.

From brainstorming for ideas, jotting down points, and framing outline till preparation of the final draft, all of these steps are time-consuming. Thus mental preparation of the writer is also essential for creating an impactful written piece.

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