Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin A Comparison of the Leading Plagiarism Checkers Copyleaks versus Turnitin. Which one is better? We ran 100 identical student essays through both Copyleaks and Turnitin—and the results were astounding! Read on to find out… Online platforms used to detect plagiarism help protect original work and eliminate duplicate content. One of the first […]

Ethical Issues in Education – What are the most common ones? | Copyleaks 2022

The Problem of Ethical Issues in Education. When it comes to ethical issues, there are plenty of them in our education systems that need to be addressed. Students and teachers both are often associated very closely with such ethical issues in schools. Some of these are because of their direct involvement while others may be […]

Plagiarism Checkers: Can They Save You From the Dark Side of Remote Education?

In a short period, COVID-19 has led to a change of the entire world landscape. A major sector that had to face an everlasting challenge was education. Internet of things provides comfort to maintain academic integrity in an online structure. Around 54% of students believe cheating is essential to stay competitive and is a necessary […]

Exploring the Deep or Invisible Web

The Internet is one among the few amazing things people are proud about having today. It helps us in many ways such as being a source of unlimited entertainment, information, education, communication, and lots more. Any activity we do in our day-to-day life involves the web in some way or the other. Moreover, search engines […]

How To Write A HIPAA Violation Report | Copyleaks

The ways new technologies can be used to scrape and acquire information have become a major threat to people’s privacy and confidentiality. Nowadays, it’s become easy to hack into databases, share hacked information online, and profit from it. And it’s stressful to think that your information, particularly your medical data, can be stolen without you […]

Understanding Plagiarism Report: Avoiding the Similarity Trap

Originality in any writing has its value. The essentiality of the plagiarism checking of any content before the submission is mandatory now.  Similarity report checkers have fundamental importance to avoid plagiarism. What Exactly Plagiarism Report Is? Writers like bloggers, teachers, students, SEO specialists, and authors cover usurp much time writing any content or text. They […]

5 Uses of a Poetry Plagiarism Checker to Prevent Copyright Violations

Plagiarism in poetry is more common than it was in the past. The famous words of T S Eliot reveal it; he said, “Immature poet imitate; mature poets steal”. In the most recent case, if you have come across the poetry news, you will have known about the poem “Gun Metal” written by Ailey O’Toole, […]

Education & Ethics: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity

Fact-finding Study: Consequences of COVID-19 on Global Academic Integrity. How Is Plagiarism Becoming Worse In the Current Times? Academic integrity is so downgraded these days, and there is an urgent need for improvisation. Writing a research paper has become as easy as the internet has a wide variety of information available. The present education system […]

Avoiding Plagiarism: Looking at the Plagiarism Rules and Tools

What Is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is having someone’s ideas, words or work and using them as they are your own. It is unethical and wrong and still why does one plagiarize? Maybe, he or she is not confident, is lazy, or lacks time and you find this especially among students in academic environments. Most educational institutions […]

Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Process of Writing

When it comes to learning or teaching to write, there is no ‘right way’, and it is presumed that one has the liberty to do it in a way he or she is comfortable with. Nevertheless, writing is always considered a complex process, and in academic scenario, competent writing is often reasoned and accepted as […]