मोरेसियर और Copyleaks ने कार्यवाही, सार और जर्नल वर्कफ़्लो में साहित्यिक चोरी और AI-जनरेटेड टेक्स्ट का स्वचालित पता लगाने के लिए साझेदारी की

Partnership provides academic societies and publishers with powerful tools to detect AI-generated text, ensuring use is aligned with emerging policies, as well as identifying possible instances of plagiarism

Berlin and New York, NY, September 11, 2023Morressier, the startup transforming scholarly communications, and Copyleaks, a leader in AI-driven text analysis, announced their partnership today to bring automated detection of plagiarism and AI-generated text to scholarly workflows.

Copyleaks’ award-winning plagiarism and AI-generated text detection is now available via the Morressier Integrity Manager, built into workflows across its end-to-end platform as well as a standalone module that publishers can use to check documents via batch upload.

The partnership aims to help academic societies and publishers protect research integrity every step of the way by identifying fraudulent submissions, potential plagiarism, and AI-generated text across multiple languages through the Morressier Integrity Manager.

Mădălina Pop, leader of Morressier’s Research Integrity team: “We feel it’s important to enable content managers to identify text that is likely to have been created or altered with generative AI as societies and publishers figure out how to evolve their policies in this regard. I’m really impressed with the power of the Copyleaks API, which provides easy to comprehend and actionable analysis for our customers.”

“As we continue to see the impact that generative AI has on our society and across industries, ensuring integrity and authenticity across science and research becomes ever more crucial,” said Alon Yamin, CEO of Copyleaks. “That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Morressier, who is redefining and leading the way in protecting research integrity, utilizing the Copyleaks AI Content Detector solution as part of their pre-publishing process that ensures research, from its earliest stages, is truly original and authentic.”


के बारे में Morressier

Morressier provides societies and publishers with workflows for transforming scholarly communications. Driven by the belief that technology will transform every step of the entire publishing journey starting from the very first scientific ideas, it is headquartered in Berlin and has offices in London and Boston.

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Copyleaks के बारे में

Dedicated to creating secure environments in which to share ideas and learn with confidence, Copyleaks is an AI-based text analysis company used by businesses, educational institutions, and millions of individuals around the world. Copyleaks users trust the tool to identify potential plagiarism and paraphrasing across nearly every language, verify authenticity and ownership, and empower error-free writing.

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