Copyleaks Plagiarism Check for Google Docs is Now Available

plagiarism checker google docs

Writing school and work assignments just got easier with the Copyleaks plagiarism checker add-on for Google Docs. Now you can check for originality straight from the document you’re working on!

How does it work?
Go to the Google Add on Store and search for Copyleaks. Add the add-on and within seconds it will be part of your Google Drive. When you’re ready to start a scan, go to Add-ons, Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker, and start scanning.
Your account is connected to Copyleaks online so if you haven’t already done, so create an account and get 10 free credits every month. Select either some text or the whole document for a scan. The results will start to appear on the right side of the document. If you want more information about a specific result, click to launch the full report.
Tell us what you think about our new plagiarism checker add-on! Looking for more plagiarism checking tools? Download our Office MS Word extension and mobile app here.
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