Top Tips for Preventing Plagiarism in School

Identifying plagiarism is vital because the presence of copied content shows a lack of effort and attention. Students have to learn good habits. Ethical writing is essential for all scholars and students and also for preventing plagiarism. Students who want to take up writing as a profession also needs to borrow elements from others cautiously. […]

How Plagiarism Impacts LMS Platforms Like Schoology

Online platforms provide the best possible educational interface. Schoology LMS is a well-known learning management system that provides students and teachers with an interactive virtual arena for online classes. Broader participation is possible through the Schoology LMS platform. This platform enables parents, supervisors, and coaches to communicate and conduct classes. A collaborative approach is possible […]

Where and When to Use a Semicolon?

Semicolons come halfway from a comma and stand far from being a full stop. Thus their work is neither completely identical with a comma nor with a full stop. Nevertheless, they are as significant as any other punctuation in the written mode of communication. The meaning that the sentences aim to convey depends upon the […]

Writing Basics: What Is a Preposition?

English literature and writing would not have been meaningful without the presence of prepositions. Thus, the students and writers must know “what is a preposition,” and use it properly. To answer the question, “what is a preposition,” one should start with sentence construction’s basic idea. What Is a Preposition? A word that declares the relation […]

Academic Integrity: What Is It, and Why Should You Have It?

The primary goal for most of the institutions is to develop themselves. The growth of any academic institution essentially depends on the students. Hence, academic integrity is closely bound to the idea of developing through acquiring new knowledge Hence, individual scholars need to work with each other to build an ambience of mutual respect and […]

Here’s How Plagiarism Checkers Are Simplifying Proofreading?

To produce polished, perfect writing, it is a must for the students or writers to edit and then do proofreading of their work. If a write up has several mistakes, it takes away the joy of reading, disturbing the writing flow. For academic writings, the teachers may deduct marks for errors present in writing. If […]

How to Scan for Plagiarism in Arabic

Writing any kind of work or school assignment includes lots of research ahead of the actual writing. When you need a plagiarism checker in Arabic, Copyleaks is able to scan the Arabic language you have submitted for any similar content online.