Tips for Students to Acquire Productive Study Habits During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down almost all of the industries in the world, and schools have not been exempted. After the World Health Organization declared that the disease is airborne, social distancing became a must to limit the spread, and schools are one of the places the virus could spread faster. This has placed […]

The Dangers of Plagiarism and Strategies to Prevent It

Many of us find ourselves in the need of plagiarism checking services and want to make sure our writing pieces are up to the highest standard. To do this, many use Essayexaminer. But why do we go through such measures to write plagiarism-free content? Why do we need to adhere to the strict rules and […]

The Hidden Risks of Plagiarism in Academia

Academic integrity is still a pressing issue for most institutions. Despite strong policies against plagiarism, students don’t seem to realize the risks of plagiarism in academia. More than that, 86% of them claim they cheat in college. Plus, 54% believe that cheating is okay or even necessary to stay competitive. But that’s not all: With […]

Best Practices for Teachers to Find Plagiarism in Student Work

With a new semester comes fresh intentions of how you as teachers can better serve your students. This also includes how you can utilize your own time better so lesson planning can improve. We have our quick tips of how Copyleaks can help you be an even more effective teacher this semester.

The Most Common Forms of Student Plagiarism

Learn About the Most Common Forms of Student Plagiarism The word ‘plagiarism’ has come from the Latin word ‘plagiarius,’ which means ‘kidnapper’ or ‘thief.’ If someone illegally copies parts of another writer’s work and uses it in his writing, it is called plagiarism. For students and writers who treasure their writings must be careful about […]