Copyleaks celebra un anno fondamentale, registrando una crescita e un'innovazione significative nel rilevamento dei contenuti dell'IA, nella prevenzione del plagio e nell'adozione responsabile dell'IA

Daily user base grows 400%+YOY, with 650K daily checks for AI content alone

New York, NY – January 30, 2024Copyleaks, a pioneering force in AI-based text analysis and plagiarism detection, is proud to announce a year of extraordinary growth and innovation. In a landmark year, the company has seen a 165% year-over-year increase in enterprise and education clients, launched four groundbreaking products, and formed key partnerships with major Learning Management Systems (LMS).

“Our growth this year is not just a testament to our technological innovation but also a clear indicator of the critical role AI plays in today’s digital ecosystem,” said Alon Yamin, CEO and co-founder of Copyleaks. “The surge in our client base and daily users underscores the growing necessity for advanced AI content detection and plagiarism prevention tools in maintaining the integrity of information in the education and enterprise sectors and the need for responsible adoption of GenAI. We are at a pivotal moment where AI is reshaping how we create and consume content, and Copyleaks is committed to leading this transformation responsibly.”

Innovative Product Releases Drive Industry Leadership
Copyleaks has solidified its market position with the launch of four revolutionary products, all available in a single platform dedicated to creating truly original, error-free content: 

  • Rilevatore di contenuto AI – With over 99% accuracy, according to multiple independent 3rd party studies, and model coverage that includes GPT-4 and Bard, it is the market’s most comprehensive enterprise solution for distinguishing between human-created and AI-generated content.
  • Fughe di codici Source Code AI Detector – A comprehensive solution that identifies AI-generated source code, code that has been paraphrased at the functional level and provides key licensing details, helping mitigate potential infringement, ensuring full code transparency, and keeping proprietary code secure.
  • API del controllo grammaticale – Offers suggestions for sentence structure, word choice, and overall mechanics through a flexible API integration that effortlessly integrates into native platforms with a single line of code.
  • GenAI Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – A full suite of protection to ensure generative AI enterprise compliance, reduce organization-wide risk, and safeguard proprietary data.

These innovations have been instrumental in attracting notable new clients like the Utah Education Network and Edmentum.

Strategic Partnerships Enhance Educational Reach
The company’s commitment to academic integrity is further evidenced by forming partnerships with prominent LMS platforms such as D2L, Open LMS, and Moodle. These collaborations extend Copyleaks’ reach and impact in the educational sector. By integrating with these platforms, Copyleaks provides educators and institutions seamless access to advanced plagiarism detection and AI content analysis tools, ensuring academic integrity and fostering a culture of originality and critical thinking.

Explosive User Growth and Expansion
Copyleaks has experienced a staggering 400+% growth in the number of daily users worldwide, encompassing self-serve, educational, and enterprise segments. The company has more than doubled its headcount to support this expansion, bringing numerous talented data scientists on board.

AI Content Detector: A Game Changer
With over 99% accuracy detection in 30 languages and model coverage that includes ChatGPT and Bard, the AI Content Detector has been recognized as the most accurate in its class by numerous third-party university studies, a testament to Copyleaks’ commitment to excellence and innovation. Combined with the award-winning Plagiarism Detector, Codeleaks Source Code Detector, and the all-new Grammar Checker API, it’s the only single platform dedicated to creating truly original, error-free content.

Prestigious Awards Acknowledge Exceptional Achievements 
Copyleaks’ achievements have been recognized with several awards, including the Inc. Best In Business Award for AI & Data, the Big Innovation Award for Innovation in Education, and the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence for the AI Content Detector.

Global Impact and Consistent Growth
The company now boasts a staggering rate of 5.7 checks for AI content every second by users worldwide, translating to 650,000 daily checks. This number has consistently grown by 23% each month, reflecting the increasing reliance on Copyleaks’ services globally.


About Copyleaks:
Copyleaks is at the forefront of AI-based text analysis, dedicated to cultivating secure environments that encourage the sharing of ideas and empower authenticity. Each day, the world’s largest businesses and educational institutes and millions of individuals trust Copyleaks’ comprehensive suite of products to identify potential plagiarism and AI-generated content, provide full transparency around responsible AI adoption, ensure error-free writing, and protect IP and copyright.

Building digital trust and confidence: it’s the Copyleaks way.

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