8 Great Pieces of Software to Streamline Your Copywriting Process

Great copy is both an art and a science. That’s what makes it so challenging. Copywriting should be authentic, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable to read. However, it also needs to be backed up by the right keywords, current research, well-placed links, strong brand identity, and more. That’s a lot to ask from a job that […]

Can an online paraphrasing tool create unique content? Let’s break the myth!

While it is possible to create unique content with a paraphrasing tool, these tools are not as good as human copywriters. The best way to create unique content is to write from one’s own perspective because it can make the content more relatable and interesting. The Problem with Paraphrasing Tools The problem with paraphrasing tools […]

Guest Posts On The Copyleaks Blog

Write for Copyleaks and reach 500,000 monthly website visitors! Copyleaks constantly receives a very refined and educated audience, who are on the lookout for engaging and knowledgeable content.  It gets even sweeter. Copyleaks.com is a 8+ years old domain, with a high DA and very good trust level with Google!  Copyleaks is accepting guest posts! […]

How to Exceed as a Writer Without Experience

Nowadays, if you want to become a writer, you have to have the internet on your side. With abundant writing opportunities, there are several ways to strengthen your writing skills.  There are magazines, blogs, and even ebook stores that are always on the lookout for new talent. They are looking for fresh voices and are […]

6 Writing Tricks That Will Revitalize Your Old Content

Most writers complete the writing process and leave their content as is, never updating it. Whether the content is fiction,  news articles, short stories, or essay writing websites reviews, it’s important to keep certain content updated in order to keep up-to-date with the online landscape. This is one of the writing tricks many businesses and […]

What Counts As Plagiarism in Freelance Writing?

It is not difficult to find out what plagiarism is and what meaning it has. In our lives, we encounter it very often, without even understanding or noticing it. Imagine that you have been working on an important project for a long time, achieving its implementation and excellent results. But your friend, whom you have […]

How to Create Original Content for Your Blog

There are several reasons why your content needs to be original. First of all, the issue of plagiarism – you can’t simply copy someone’s original work and promote it as your own. If you’re running a blog that you want people to actually read, the last thing you should do is plagiarize content. It’s illegal […]

How Can Students Create Popular Blogs? A Plagiarism Checker Can Come Handy!

What is blogging for students? In our progressive era of digital development, activities like student blogging become common among teachers and their students. This is not an era of paper recordings and handwriting skills. Of course, all of these still have a place in the world of modern students but digital technologies take a big […]

No More Borrowed Ideas: How to Be a Better Researcher

Being able to do quick and reliable research is a very important skill. It will come in handy on many occasions throughout your life regardless of your background or occupation.  And with the knowledge of the entire world readily accessible via your pocket device, it’s easier to obtain the information you need than ever before. […]

7 Powerful Tips for Effective Content Writing Without Plagiarism

The internet is awash with contents on any information you can think of. Now the content you put up mustn’t be lost with the crowd. This means your content needs to be of high quality, and not just giving value to your readers but also consist of elements to reach a wide audience. Here are […]