Text Matching: Is Duplication Ruining Your SEO Performance?

Why Is Text Matching Significant For SEO? It is crucial to make a website or online page searchable on the internet. Search engine optimization or SEO helps in this process. With an array of online and SEO tools, a person can increase the visibility of a web page by bringing in more traffic. However, they […]

Invisible Characters: Why Your PDFs May Carry Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is currently a big concern for most educational institutions and academies. Plagiarism is a threat to their academic integrity. For that reason, they try to be strict about students using plagiarised or copied content in their work. These institutions have strict policies to prevent the students from producing copied content. The teachers often suggest […]

Why Plagiarism Holds Meaning in Your Urdu Content

Plagiarism in Urdu refers to using unauthorised content (meaning work belonging to someone else) and passing them on as one’s own creation. It encompasses written content, images, videos, and even ideas that belong to someone else. The issue of plagiarism is global. It is no longer limited to only printed media or only written works. […]

Why Is Plagiarism Important? Is It Not the Easy Way Out?

What does the word “kidnapper” mean to most people? Well, according to most people’s ordinary knowledge kidnapper is that particular person who abducts children. It has no connection with writing an academic paper or any content unless one is writing fiction. Here is a quick guide on Why is Plagiarism Important. However, plagiarism has a […]

How a Plagiarism Software Can Help You to Produce Quality Content

The beauty of any work or writing depends on its quality and uniqueness. A writer’s primary goal is to reach the reader through their writing, but if a writer ends up using copied content from other writers, it takes away its actual essence. Hence the writer fails to convey their message, failing the purpose of […]

Exclamation Marks: How and When to Use Them Correctly?

Careful use of punctuation marks in writing is essential to avoid any ambiguities. Writers express their feelings easily with their help. Commas, full stops, and exclamation marks are there in sentences to give intended meaning. An exclamation mark at the end of a sentence expresses different emotions like anger, surprise, joy, sorrow, etc. Besides that, […]

Where and When to Use a Semicolon?

Semicolons come halfway from a comma and stand far from being a full stop. Thus their work is neither completely identical with a comma nor with a full stop. Nevertheless, they are as significant as any other punctuation in the written mode of communication. The meaning that the sentences aim to convey depends upon the […]

Understanding Subordinating Conjunctions and Using Them in Your Writing

What Is a Subordinating Conjunction? A sentence must be complete to make proper sense. A complete sentence has a clause in it. That is a group of words within a sentence having a subject and predicate of its own. Subordinate clauses or dependent clauses cannot be called complete since they depend on the main clause […]

How to Write a Thesis Paper and Ace It?

A thesis or dissertation paper is a treasure for many students as it is a way for them to show what they have learned. The educational institutions are more prone to judge a student, not just by one paper or exam. Hence, in the final year of their academic year, the students need to submit […]

How to Write a Book the Plagiarism-Free Way?

Plagiarism is identified as an act of using one’s content or part of it in your writing. In simple terms, it is referred to as content theft. However, there are cases where the writers deliberately copy from other authors. In other cases, writers are not even aware of the offense. These are known as intentional […]