How Does Canvas Detect Cheating and Plagiarism?

In the last few years, the field of education has gone through some significant shifts. Online education has become more common and relevant in today’s time. Teaching-learning has become more flexible and has helped thousands of students avail education remotely. Learning management systems or LMS platforms such as Canvas are one-stop solutions to students to […]

Your Guide to Eliminate Plagiarism in LMS Platforms

Learning management system or LMS platforms can be described as a virtual educational institution. Open-source learning platforms ease the task of teachers and students to a great extent. An LMS or a learning management platform is a virtual interface that aids the process of social learning. Multiple LMS platforms provide teachers and students the scope […]

4 Tips for an Effortless Switch to Online Learning

Perhaps the biggest challenge that both the teachers and students face is transforming physical schooling into an online mode. This paradigm shift caught all off guard. However, thanks to technological advancement, online learning became possible for students. Education can never take a backseat. The educational institutions stepped forward with all possible measures when the future […]

Top Tips to Keep Away From Plagiarism in Online Learning

Online learning is being practiced all across the world like never before. As a result, plagiarism in online learning is increasing as well. To assist in managing the new realm of virtual learning, LMS platforms are being used. A learning management system or LMS is a platform that universities, colleges, high schools, and workplaces can […]