How to Avoid Plagiarism in a News Article?

News plagiarism is quite akin to incidents of duplication anywhere else. Three types of plagiarism take place in journalism, those are: Plagiarizing Information: In this plagiarism type, anews article uses information from other reporters without acknowledging them or the publications. Plagiarizing Ideas: In this second type, the reporter uses the ideas of another reporter in […]

How to Avoid Paraphrasing Plagiarism?

Paraphrasing is rewording a sentence in one’s one language without altering the actual meaning of the concept. The process is beneficial to avoid plagiarism. Writers can use the technique when they are obliged to write on a similar topic time and again. A paraphrasing tool employs intelligent and higher cognitive strategy software to reword and […]

Here’s How You Can Prevent Plagiarism in Short Articles

Information is valuable in this digital world, and creating good content within a short time is important today. Short articles are one way of sharing information on any topic quickly. They are found all over the Internet and help the readers to glean information, and then, go to the relevant website for more details. A […]

Understanding Plagiarism Report: Avoiding the Similarity Trap

Originality in any writing has its value. The essentiality of the plagiarism checking of any content before the submission is mandatory now.  Similarity report checkers have fundamental importance to avoid plagiarism. What Exactly Plagiarism Report Is? Writers like bloggers, teachers, students, SEO specialists, and authors cover usurp much time writing any content or text. They […]

A Guide for Students to Write Opinion Articles

The opinion pages are generally at the same level with the front-page, and are one of the most read sections of any national publications. The important readers, other than the general public, of opinion articles are decision makers in corporation, government and non-profit institutions. Through opinion pages in a national publication, you can have your […]

What Is the Best Way to Study for SAT?

Getting admission in a college or university generally asks for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores. An entrance test, the SAT helps evaluate a high school student’s mathematical reasoning and language skills to join a college. Not knowing much about the SAT can be frightening. You have to understand its format to prepare appropriately. There […]

How Can Plagiarized Content Harm A Website?

Know the Reason Behind Avoiding Plagiarism and Plagiarized Content Duplicity in content is pretty known in today’s date. It is not at all impossible to find any similar article on the internet. Copied content on someone’s website is very harmful. It leads to a negative impact on the page, which affects the SEO of the […]

How to Quickly Draw Comparisons with Your Competitor’s Website?

The web pages are infused with much information where writers, content creators, and blogs provide various dimensions on the same topic. But one should not trust all the information available on the internet. Ample duplicate contents are there on the website. Viewers can find many similarities in the style and writing pattern and with the […]

A Complete Guide to Plagiarism Prevention

How To Work On An Article For Plagiarism Prevention? The term plagiarism originated from the Latin word ‘Plagiarius,’ which means the kidnapper. However, practically plagiarism is a form of stealing. When someone copied parts or whole from someone else’s writing to pass it off as their own without crediting the original author, that is an […]

Plagiarism Statistics: An Insight Into the Issue

Nowadays, most people spend their leisure time online, and whenever they need some information, they turn to the internet. It has increased the demand for websites and other online platforms that supply the food for thought.  As per the plagiarism statistics, there exist more than 5.1 billion websites, and among them, 1.5 billion sites have […]