The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Of Interactive Learning

The Rise of E-Learning in the Past Decades The last few years have witnessed a paradigm shift in the field of education. Unlike the earlier teacher-centric education system, now the teaching-learning process has become student-centric. Hence a rapid transformation has taken place. The old chalk and talk method have gets replaced by technology, experiments, experiential […]

How Plagiarism Impacts LMS Platforms Like Schoology

Online platforms provide the best possible educational interface. Schoology LMS is a well-known learning management system that provides students and teachers with an interactive virtual arena for online classes. Broader participation is possible through the Schoology LMS platform. This platform enables parents, supervisors, and coaches to communicate and conduct classes. A collaborative approach is possible […]

Top Tips to Keep Away From Plagiarism in Online Learning

Online learning is being practiced all across the world like never before. As a result, plagiarism in online learning is increasing as well. To assist in managing the new realm of virtual learning, LMS platforms are being used. A learning management system or LMS is a platform that universities, colleges, high schools, and workplaces can […]