Copyleaks 教育のための剽窃チェッカー

K-12 から大学レベルまで、Copyleaks 剽窃防止ソフトウェアは、可能な限りシンプルに保ちながら、どこでも利用できる最も正確で包括的な結果を学生と教育者に提供します。

Plus, thanks to our simple turnkey integrations, our platform works seamlessly with LMS systems, bringing the results right to you.

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LMS システム統合のおかげで、 Copyleaks goes further to detect instances of similar text, including paraphrasing, to support both teachers, instructors, and students in learning how to improve original writing.

どうして Copyleaks?

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100 以上の人間の言語 + over 20 programming languages

Detect plagiarism and duplicate content in over 100 languages as well as source code written in over 20 programming languages.

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Integrate with Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace (D2L), Sakai, or Schoology thanks to our remarkably fast and simple turnkey flexibility, with no additional coding required. Or use our LTI solutions and guides for more advanced integrations.

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Databases, Journals
& Data Sources

Your results come from extensive searches across one of the largest, most in-depth databases available, plus:

  • 15,000 以上の学術雑誌
  • 60 trillion+ websites
  • 100 万以上の社内文書
  • 20 以上のコード データ リポジトリ
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We offer simple, all-encompassing pricing that includes our complete suite of features, tools, products, and advanced integrations, based entirely on what you need.

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& Privacy

Data security and privacy are always our top priorities. We ensure your safety with cloud-based system architecture, military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% data transferred using secure channels (HTTPs).

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AI &
Machine Learning

Advanced AI & machine learning capabilities allow for going beyond word-for-word plagiarism and detecting identical, similar, and paraphrased forms of plagiarism.

活用する Copyleaks 教育学の

Tools for Universities & K-12 Schools

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Plagiarism Detection API

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File Comparison Tool

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コード 剽窃チェッカー

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LMS 統合

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AI Grading Tool

世界中のトップ機関が信頼 Copyleaks 盗作検出ソリューションとして

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SmartText™ Paraphrased Text Detection


With robust algorithms, Copyleaks goes beyond the common forms of plagiarism and adapts to detect the latest, more creative styles.

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CheatSpot.AI™ Cheating Detection

When plagiarism gets smart, Copyleaks gets smarter!

All too frequently, new methods, such as “Character Replacement” and “White Ink,” are developed as new ways to beat the system. That’s why, as part of the similarity report, Copyleaks alerts educators for any suspicious characters found within the text that may have been intentionally added to deceive the plagiarism detection platform.

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Codeleaks™ Code Plagiarism Detection

コードを手に入れましたか? Codeleaks があります。

Codeleaks is the only plagiarism detection platform for both machine and human languages. Computer science departments can now check if students have copied code from online repositories or other students’ work.

The Copyleaks Similarity Report

Copyleaks のやり方を体験してください スマートテキストTM テクノロジーは、オリジナルではないコンテンツを検出するのに役立ちます。同様のテキスト ソースの完全で包括的なレポートを使用して、正確に並べて比較することができます。 ビジュアルTM 報告。

See for あなた自身!

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