How to Write Academic Essays like Professional?

Often students enquire about how to write an academic essay like professionals. It must analyze a particular question with an argument and thesis statement. An essay discusses a topic by evidence or reasoning. Academic essays must have relevant examples to support information from credible sources. Components of an Academic Essay Often students wonder why they […]

Helpful Tips to Adopt the Best Way to Study for MCAT

Any college admission test is difficult without an appropriate study plan and an effort to study for it. The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is no different. There are no particular methods to prepare for the test; however, the best way to study for MCAT are explained below. Before you learn how to study […]

What are the Types of Online Assessments? What Are Some Tools That Can Help?

Studies show that students’ learning process is governed by certain laws, which support their development. Some prominent ones are readiness, involvement, association, relevance, feedback, challenge, and so on. It is true that both teaching and learning happen in dynamic environments, where students develop positive attitude, acquire and relate new knowledge with prior learning, and use […]

Advantages of AI in Education to Change the Mode of Learning

Technology and applications of artificial intelligence have changed the traditional model of education. They have made education more inclusive, and at the same time, the burden on teachers is also decreased. In the case of the traditional mode of learning, the teacher-student ratio has been a big concern. AI has reduced it to a significant […]

Why Teachers Should Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Educational institutions across the globe consider plagiarism as academic dishonesty. A perennial problem, plagiarism is a growing concern for not only school systems and teachers but also societies. To deal with this, teachers develop and administer special classroom management methods and initiate disciplinary actions. Despite these efforts, cheating continues for students can find innumerable resources […]

Guidelines for Conducting Remote Assessments

In the traditional teaching method, students have to attend classes in an institute at a stipulated time. This is also known as face-to-face mode, but with time education has been revolutionized. Educational courses are no longer conducted only through the offline mode. Remote assessments are assignments that are set by teachers for students enrolled in […]

How Educational Technology Helps in Improving Academia?

As we know it, traditional schooling, education being imparted within the four walls, is now a thing of the past. Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions are also continually upgrading themselves.  Education is no longer limited to a certain age or group of people. Education technology has helped education reach all people groups irrespective […]

Copyleaks Inc Partners with Canvas LMS to Offer Plagiarism Detection using AI and Machine Learning

Copyleaks integrates with Canvas LMS to offer innovative plagiarism detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover paraphrased content and other methods of cheating often missed by existing online tools.  October 19, Stamford, CT  Copyleaks, an artificial intelligence platform that detects plagiarism, today announced a partnership today with Canvas, the learning management platform from […]

Four Ways to Make Getting Back to School Easy

The end of summer is filled with swims in the lake or ocean, family vacations, and feeling refreshed. Getting back to school can sometimes make all those feelings of calm evaporate as quickly as the summer rain. These are a few tips to make getting back into your school routine as great as your summer.