Your Handy Guide to Research Paper Citation

One of the most common academic dishonesty that has become a concern to educational institutions is plagiarism. As per the data, the plagiarism cases are increasing, which has become a threat to the schools and other educational institutions as it harms their reputation. They have strict educational policies to deal with the students who have […]

The Importance of Bibliography and Citation

For producing a well-constructed document, proper research is always essential. On occasions, a writer may also use parts of their source material to support their argument. It strengthens the author’s particular point of view that she is trying to establish and at the same time proves the accuracy of the content. Hence, citing the source […]

Research Skills: Definition and Examples

Research skills are the essential qualities necessary for successfully heading a research project. Without the vital skills, it isn’t possible to frame the research paper. Writing a research paper is a significant task. Meticulous research is indispensable to complete a research project. It is crucial to understand the research skills required for successfully conducting completing […]

How Does Plagiarism Affect Qualitative Research in Education?

The current education scenario is far different from the traditional memory-based learning. With technology development, education has widely shifted from making students memorize some basic facts about the subject. The process of qualitative research on any subject involves the interviews of several people and based on that. The researchers derive their conclusion. Qualitative research in […]

What Is A Standardized Test?

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions adapt to the changes to impart better quality education to all learners. In addition to this, the pattern of evaluation is also transforming. Many organizations are now using a standardized test to maintain parity among patterns to track their progress. Like any other test, a standardized test is an […]

Plagiarism Checker: Ace Your Research Paper Outline

Academic and research papers are the scholarly papers that academicians and students often refer to in their course work. A research paper outline is a useful tool for students in the writing process to help the readers understand more about the write-up. It is non-fiction writing. Primarily, this form of writing deals with a report […]