Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin A Comparison of the Leading Plagiarism Checkers Copyleaks versus Turnitin. Which one is better? We ran 100 identical student essays through both Copyleaks and Turnitin—and the results were astounding! Read on to find out… Online platforms used to detect plagiarism help protect original work and eliminate duplicate content. One of the first […]

Looking to Compare Two PDF Files? Here’s a Quick Guide

Content is created at a rapid pace. With the online platform gaining more prominence in the present world, the need for quality content is rising. Content that is written and published online or offline means needs to be free from plagiarism. But with an enormous amount of document and PDF files, it becomes quite challenging […]

Compare Two Websites: The Next Step in Text Comparison

Internet is flooded with information now. Writers, blogs, and websites offer different perspectives on the same topic, which adds to the variety. But every piece of information that is available on the internet cannot be trusted. Many low-quality contents are also available on the website. Since these have so much similarity in their writing pattern […]

Guest Posts On The Copyleaks Blog

Write for Copyleaks and reach 500,000 monthly website visitors! Copyleaks constantly receives a very refined and educated audience, who are on the lookout for engaging and knowledgeable content.  It gets even sweeter. is a 8+ years old domain, with a high DA and very good trust level with Google!  Copyleaks is accepting guest posts! […]

The Best Content Testing Tools to Produce Original Content

The usage can assure the quality of the original content of content testing tools. These testing tools are helpful to check for plagiarism but are overall necessary to create original content that can be vouched for high quality. Content testing is defined as the phenomenon of testing the textual content, whether the content is appropriate […]

All You Need to Know to Compare Word Documents

Written mode of communication is irreplaceable in any field: professional or personal. In the academic field, the higher study consists majorly of written work like paper presentation and thesis submission. Not only that, but right from the school level, students are also engaged in different writing skill development activities like an essay, paragraph writing, etc. […]

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Article Spinning Tools

Article spinning is a narrative technique that creates a new version of the writing by changing specific words, substituting phrases, paragraphs, and sentences. These are article rewriting tools that rewrite articles using the same content present in an already-existing work. This process can be manual or automated and create an alternative and new version with […]

Things to Check Before Comparing Two Files

Follow These Instructions While Comparing Two Files Whenever there is a need to know the originality of content, it is always better to check twice before submitting the assignment. Duplicate text can hamper a person’s career in many ways, and therefore making text comparison is a must. It is effortless to use a text compare […]

How to Compare Two Text Files with a Text Compare Tool

Writing articles is a gradual process. Freelance writers often need to complete multiple written assignments within a given deadline. Students also need to work on written assignments given by educators. In such instances, learning how to compare two text file for error-free writing is essential. Therefore, to keep written documents free from mistakes, a person […]

New to Freelancing? Streamline your work with a text comparison tool

Text compare is Crucial for freelancer writers to produce quality content For freelance writers, being productive is essential than anything else. They should be able to use time and resources strategically to remain productive. For writers, the quality of writing mostly depends on factors like language, grammar, originality of the content, and other things. Another […]