Readability Score: How It Improves Your Writing

Readers nowadays have access to information of all sorts, just with a few clicks. This is possible because of the increasing number of writers and publishers. The demand for good quality writeups urges organizations to hire professionals to create quality content for them. These are used primarily to promote sites, businesses, or institutions. There are […]

Quoting, Paraphrase, and Summarizing: Which Is Better?

What Is Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing? Quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing are critical to everyday writing. Right from schools to research institutions to newspapers to articles, ideas are borrowed from various places and regenerated everywhere. Thus it is necessary to get an idea of what these terms. Quotations Quotations are word to word representations of any […]

Will Paraphrasing Count As Duplication?

Understanding the ins and outs of plagiarism can leave a lot of us with a headache we can’t shake. Debates around what constitutes as plagiarism and what can be fixed with a simple reference can have students and business officials alike scratching their head in confusion and there’s no subject more confusing within the plagiarism […]