How to Write a Book the Plagiarism-Free Way?

Plagiarism is identified as an act of using one’s content or part of it in your writing. In simple terms, it is referred to as content theft. However, there are cases where the writers deliberately copy from other authors. In other cases, writers are not even aware of the offense. These are known as intentional […]

All You Need to Know to Compare Word Documents

Written mode of communication is irreplaceable in any field: professional or personal. In the academic field, the higher study consists majorly of written work like paper presentation and thesis submission. Not only that, but right from the school level, students are also engaged in different writing skill development activities like an essay, paragraph writing, etc. […]

Paragraph Checker: Refine Your Write-Up and Keep It Plagiarism Free

With digital media, the process of publication has become easier. Writers can easily compose their writing pieces based on their thoughts and publish them on many websites available on digital platforms. Many students who are serious about their higher education often aim to publish their papers. Many bloggers use paragraph checker tools to refine their […]

Things to Check Before Comparing Two Files

Follow These Instructions While Comparing Two Files Whenever there is a need to know the originality of content, it is always better to check twice before submitting the assignment. Duplicate text can hamper a person’s career in many ways, and therefore making text comparison is a must. It is effortless to use a text compare […]

How to Compare Two Text Files with a Text Compare Tool

Writing articles is a gradual process. Freelance writers often need to complete multiple written assignments within a given deadline. Students also need to work on written assignments given by educators. In such instances, learning how to compare two text file for error-free writing is essential. Therefore, to keep written documents free from mistakes, a person […]

New to Freelancing? Streamline your work with a text comparison tool

Text compare is Crucial for freelancer writers to produce quality content For freelance writers, being productive is essential than anything else. They should be able to use time and resources strategically to remain productive. For writers, the quality of writing mostly depends on factors like language, grammar, originality of the content, and other things. Another […]