Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • What is Copyleaks?

    Copyleaks is an advanced cloud platform for tracking and tracing content online. Copyleaks enables various content related usages:

    • Education - Verifying content authenticity and originality in the education world
    • Copyright protection - Detecting plagiarism in the online publishing world
    • Security - Identifying internal document leaks and distribution
    • And more…

  • Who is Copyleaks for?

    Copyleaks can benefit anyone who ever published or wrote textual content. Whether you wrote a short assignment for school or own a small blog, or you work for a big publishing company or academic institution, you have to protect your content from plagiarism and make sure it is original. Our 3 main services were developed for these groups:

    • Businesses
    • Media Publishers
    • Consulting Firms
    • Law Firms
    • Scientific Journals
    • SMBs
    • Education
    • Professors
    • Students
    • Teachers
    • Faculty
    • Websites
    • Website Owners
    • Content Creators
    • Bloggers
    • Editors
    • SEO Agencies

  • How much does it cost?

    Copyleaks offers a free scan of textual content for plagiarism up to a limit of 10 pages a month, which equals 10 Copyleaks credits (a page contains up to 250 words). For higher volumes you can find the plan that fits your needs and purchase credits. The links to the different plans: Education Plans, Businesses Plans, Academic API plans, Businesses API plans, Websites API plans.

  • How can I contact Copyleaks?

    You can you contact us here. You can also reach us at 1-855-633-9355. We would be happy to hear any thoughts, suggestions, or remarks you might have.

  • How does Copyleaks find the results?

    Copyleaks has a very advanced cloud search software that searches for your content on billions of webpages, sites and also online databases. Our algorithms find comprehensive yet accurate results and work in almost every language.

  • What is the difference between our services?

    Copyleaks offers five different services including Business, Education, Business API, Education API, and Websites API. You can see which is the best fit for you here.

  • Do you have a mobile app?

    We currently offer an Android app and an iOS app that is fully connected to your desktop account and supports physical content scans as well as digital content (files and URLs). Easily take a photo of text and scan it in seconds to see if there is duplicate content. This feature is available in most languages.

  • Do you support multiple languages?

    Copyleaks supports scans of content in a variety of languages (all Unicode languages), including Asian languages.

  • What file and content types are supported by Copyleaks?

    You can scan content for plagiarism in different file types and format. Currently, we support the following content types:

    • Online Formats: HTML and TXT(UTF8 encoded) files, submitted by URL.
    • File Types: txtpdfdocxdocrtfxmlpptxpptodtchmepubodpppsxpagesxlsxxlscsvLaTeX
    • Image Types (OCR): gifpngbmpjpgjpeg. The files must contain textual content and only the text will be scanned by Copyleaks.
    Let us know if you need support in other file types.

  • Can other third parties like my teacher or school see what I have scanned?

    No. Nobody will ever have access to the content you have scanned whether through a search engine or another plagiarism detection software. The only instance your work will appear is in the case that another Copyleaks user submitted the same content. In this case, only the identical parts will be shown and the rest of the text and your name (the source) will be hidden.

  • How fast will it take to run a scan?

    Every scan takes into account a few variables-how long the document is, how many relevant results are found, and how many documents are uploaded at once. Most documents take an average of 5 seconds per page until results are finalized.

  • How To Use

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up to Copyleaks is very easy. Click here to get started.

  • How do I choose the content I want to scan?

    Go to your Dashboard and choose ‘Add New’. This is where you can choose between the scan of files, URLs or raw text.

  • How will I know if someone copied my content?

    Go to your Dashboard and choose the content that you wish to see its results from ‘Your Scans’. This is where you will see a list of results ordered by the percentage of similar content. You can also press on ‘compare’ to see the full text comparison between your content and the specific result.

  • What do the different similarity types in my content mean?

    What do the different similarity types in my content mean?

    Copyleaks is able to identify different kinds of similarity in your content. They are broken down into colors for identical, similar, and related meaning.

    Identical - Exact wording in the text

    Related meaning - Close meaning but different words

    Similar - Nearly identical with different form i.e. “slow” becomes “slowly”

    Read more about the types of similarity we are able to detect here.

  • What does the education report show me?

    The report shows the breakdown of similar, identical, and related text. The pie chart is an aggregate score of the plagiarism meaning it takes into account all of the different results that have been found and they are then combined to give a total percentage.

  • How can I choose which sources are shown in the education report?

    You can easily select which sources you would like to be shown and can hide sources that you don’t want to be shown. At the same time, you can choose to exclude different similarity types from the report so for example if you are only looking for “identical matches” you can do that. In order to do this, go to settings in the results bar and filter the results you would like to appear.

  • What does the business report show me?

    The report shows the similar results in order of the highest amount of similar content to lowest. The words in the report will be highlighted in different colors depending on if the text is similar, identical, or related.

  • How can I share my results with others?

    You can simply share the results URL through social media platforms or email.

  • What does Copyleaks consider similar content to be?

    Our system has a unique algorithm that is able to find various levels of duplicate content. We can detect a similar string of words, paraphrasing, and sentence restructuring. See more in our plagiarism spectrum here.

  • How can I update if my content is stored in the database?

    In order to update your submitted content settings, simply click "My Account" in the top right corner, go to "Settings", "Advanced Settings" and check or uncheck the statement.

  • What is considered a good or bad percentage of similar content?

    While each case is unique, there are a few variable to keep in mind. The amount of content you have uploaded. A document of 250 words is very different from a 10,000 word document. This can affect the percentage of similar content from very small to a larger number. This is why you can view the similar passages that are highlighted easily to decide if there is legitimate plagiarism. If you are a student, there is typically a percentage of similar content you must stay under. Many teachers have a range of 20-30%, so this is a good bar to set when you receive your results.

  • How can I delete my content?

    If you would like to delete any content you have submitted, you can use this link. Once this has been done, nobody will have access to this content, including you.

  • Why do I still see the scans in my dashboard when I deleted them from the database?

    You can be sure that your content has been removed, but you will still see the scans you submitted previously in the dashboard.