How to Effortlessly Go About Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism has assumed an alarming proportion in the present scenario. It is increasingly becoming challenging to detect copied content in a research paper or article. Hence, avoiding plagiarism through manual scanning is very difficult. For freelance writers, it is vital to check the content for unintentional plagiarism. However, in an era where copy-pasting is very […]

Plagiarism and Programming: How to Detect Plagiarism in Your Code

Hundreds and thousands of applications are now available to make the life of people more comfortable. Each one is a little advanced and different than the other. As a software developer, the primary concern is how to detect plagiarism in your code. With the growing popularity of Computer Science, students have gained more exposure to […]

Why Knowing ‘What Is Duplicate Content’ Is Crucial for Blog Writers?

Often, one comes across similar content with multiple versions, which drags the concept of duplicate content issues. The same content in different locations with a unique website address is considered to duplicate content in simple words. The exact content creates considerable trouble for the blog writers. One uses the term duplicate content in search engine […]