Duplicate Content Checker for SEO Agencies

Duplicate content can be described as a paragraph that is precisely the same or very similar to the content present on one or more pages of a website. In many cases, duplicate content equals plagiarized content. Copying content from websites without permission is an offense.

Compare more than sixty trillion pages on the internet with our tool. This will include password protected sites, classified journals, and private archives. All written works are adequately preserved and protected by Copyleaks. The duplicate content SEO will help you to detect where your content is being used online. With the Copyleaks duplicate, content SEO checker you can prevent producing accidentally reused-content.

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Who can use it to detect duplicate content in SEO agency work?

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing field. Ensuring the originality of content is of paramount importance for SEO companies. There are many experts in the world of SEO. Content from freelancers is usually scanned with a duplicate content checker by SEO agencies. With a suitable API, you can track your content distribution worldwide. It will help you to see who else is sharing your content. It is helpful to check if there are accidental pages with duplicate content. It is vital to publish original content to ensure accurate Google rankings. With an efficient duplicate content checker, it becomes effortless to verify whether the content is authentic. If you are an editor and/or content manager in an SEO agency, our duplicate content checker tool will definitely come in handy. You can keep track of published content and check content submitted by freelancers. This will keep the website ranking high and your clients happy.

Why is Copyleaks the best Plagiarism Checker for SEO?

At Copyleaks, we have developed our API to ensure that all original work is secured. A routine scan is performed to detect unauthorized use of original content on the virtual platform. With us you will not have to wait for results as you will receive results instantly. Our scan report includes similar word and percentage results with the highlighted passages. Apart from that you are given a direct link to the same content in question. To avoid plagiarism, you can use our website plagiarism checker while building your website.

Our unique algorithm is suitable for finding out exact word matches, paraphrasing, and words replaced by synonyms in all languages. This ensures that your content is original, and your clients get high-quality content. Our system is user-friendly and can scan all file formats quickly.

How To Use Duplicate Content Checker

Use unique content to maintain a high search engine. However, manual checking for duplicate content is not a feasible solution. Our duplicate checker is built to conduct a comprehensive scan to detect copies. Copyleaks duplicate content checker tool concisely checks content to check for copies of content around the web. You simply need to upload the content you want to scan and get the results to fix your duplicate content problems.

Why Is It Important To Prevent Duplicate Content?

The problem caused by duplicate content across the web is a decrease in traffic. Duplicate content often leads to the manipulation of rankings on search engines, such as Google, which uses a specific algorithm designed to filter original content. If any two websites have similar content, then automatically one will lose its credibility and decrease in rank.

Copyleaks ensures that doesnÔÇÖt happen with the use of sophisticated technology that routinely searches through billions of pages of content, protecting your reputation, career, and business.

How To Use These Results?

Utilize the following methods to get rid of identical content:

  • Remove duplicate textual content from the webpages/blog posts.
  • Redirect pages to the main website to eliminate the problem of multiple versions.
  • Avoid the use of scraped content.
  • Fix broken internal links.
  • Use no index, and no follow meta tags.

Features of Duplicate Content Checker

Do─čru ve Payla┼č─▒labilir

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose. Daily, weekly, and monthly scans can be scheduled through our API with as much content as you want. ÔÇő

T├╝m Cihazlarda Kullan─▒n

ItÔÇÖs easy to see the results of our scan on all of your devices. Upload files to be scanned straight from your devices, and receive results to share with colleagues and freelancers.ÔÇő

Fiziksel ─░├žeri─či Tara

Uygulamam─▒z, OCR teknolojisi ile fiziksel i├žeri─či tarayabilir ve yinelenen metinleri bulabilir. Tek yapman─▒z gereken h─▒zl─▒ bir foto─čraf ├žekmek ve birka├ž saniye gibi k─▒sa bir s├╝rede sonu├ž almak. Bu, hareket halindeki edit├Ârler i├žin m├╝kemmel bir ├Âzelliktir.ÔÇő

T├╝m Dosya Formatlar─▒n─▒ Y├╝kleyinÔÇő

T├╝m dosya formatlar─▒nda intihal taramas─▒ yapabiliyoruz. ─░├žeri─či pdf, doc, html, txt ve daha fazlas─▒ dahil olmak ├╝zere t├╝m dosya t├╝rlerinde taray─▒n. Taraman─▒n ilerlemesini izleyin ve sonu├žlar─▒ hemen al─▒n.ÔÇő

Kapsaml─▒ Sonu├žlar

Copyleaks technology has the ability to search the internet far and wide for duplicate content. Choose the content you wish to scan and receive an accurate report for when you choose.


Farkl─▒ dillerde kullan─▒ma haz─▒r kodumuzla sisteminizi Copyleaks A├ž─▒k Kaynak API'si ile sorunsuz bir ┼čekilde entegre edin. Rutin taramalar, i├žeri─činizi kimlerin kullanabilece─či konusunda size g├╝ncel ve kapsaml─▒ sonu├žlar verir.ÔÇő

Copyleaks intihal API'sini kullan─▒n ve Copyleaks intihal denetleyicisinin yeteneklerini ├žo─čalt─▒n.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Content that is an exact replica or very similar to content present on the web is known as a duplicate content.

To find duplicate content, you can use a high-quality duplicate content checker for scanning your website content.

Google’s algorithm checks for similar words, passages, and sites with the same or similar content.

Copyleaks has developed the most advanced online tool for checking duplicate content.

Convert duplicate content into unique content by removing plagiarized text and avoiding repetitions.

The presence of the same content on more than one location prompts search engines to select any relevant results. It can also affect the original website’s ranking that published the content.