Essay Writing Checker: Score on Your Assignments With a Little Help

Considering the competition in today’s time, the standard of education has evolved significantly. The increasing difficulty is a result of the ever-improving educational set up. Schools, colleges, and universities are almost doubling every ten years in metropolitan cities. As a result, the competition among the educational institution for providing valuable education to the students is increasing as well.

The smaller towns are also not lagging. The availability of a variety of resources has facilitated the learning process. Thanks to the internet and technology, students now have access to endless resources, including digital content that supplements their bookish knowledge.

digital learning

Study material, tutorial videos, etc. are available with just a few clicks of smart devices. Technology has made sure that students all over the world have access to equal standard education.

Keeping par with the changing face of education, facilitators have also brought changes in evaluation. Assessments have become more technology-based and self-evaluation-based that judge students’ conceptual grasp rather than focus on mugged up information.

Why Should One Go for a Plagiarism Check?

Technology in education has encouraged experimental learning and completely discouraged rote learning. Another perk of technology is that now it has become easy for evaluators to check for plagiarism.

It is not uncommon for students to adopt unfair means to complete a task at hand, let alone assessments. Software available online is a handy tool for the facilitators to measure the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process.

These tools are equally helpful for students. The rising standard of teaching-learning in all educational institutions drives the students to thrive for excellence continuously. In such a situation, writing checkers like essay checkers seem like a boon to perform better.

How Useful Are the Essay Writing Checker Tools?

  • Different creative writing follows different styles of writing. Essay writing, for example, follows specific rules and format. An essay writing checker helps the user track the correct form of writing. It guides them to frame the essay abiding by essay writing rules, making sure students can get the full marks allotted for the essay’s format.
  • An essay writing checker carries out the role of a plagiarism checker. Educational institutions value integrity. Using unfair means of any kind is unacceptable and leads to cancellation of assignments, decreased marks, and even year loss in many cases. Therefore the students should check for plagiarism in their essay before submission.
  • In essays, writers often include words, sentences, and quotes of other authors from their book, article, blog, etc. to validate a point or to emphasize the view expressed through the essay.

Students often engage in accidental plagiarism to do so since many do not know how to use others’ content in their writing. Essay writing checkers detect such copied phrases, words, and sentences and make them aware of how to cite an online article even other than the printed form sources. 

  • The final step before the submission of the essay is proofreading. The process includes looking for grammar and spelling errors as well as sentence construction errors. Generally, it is a time-consuming and energy-draining task if opted for manual cross-checking.

These tools save the writers from the trouble of manual proofreading. At the same time, the software helps the students to locate these errors. Some tools even come with an auto-correct facility. Tools like these are saviors of students’ grades!

  • Healthy competition in academics is what boosts the morale of the students. They are always eager to compete with classmates. A healthy competitive spirit helps students to perform better.

The essay checker tools also come with a compare text option that allows them to look for similarities in two documents by placing them side by side. Students can compare their essays to identify the areas they need to work on for better grades.

  • An essay writing checkeralso prevents self-plagiarism. In an academic year, students write multiple essays as classwork, homework, or practice work. Knowingly or unknowingly, they may repeat a significant portion of an essay written before in the new one.

Such activities indeed affect the grades of the students. To reduce any chances of self-plagiarism, students may compare their previous work and the new one in the essay checker.

  • More than anything else, careless mistakes affect the grades of the students. These mistakes are often overlooked in a hurry to meet the deadline for completing the assignment. Essay writing checkeris like taking a second opinion to be reassured about the standard of the essay.

These applications indicate and fix errors in writing. They also improve the skills of the writers. Advanced essay writing checkerapps help students increase their vocabulary by suggesting new words. It benefits writers who attempt to write in a new language.


Students are more comfortable expressing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the language they are familiar with and with the unfamiliar ones. It takes time for them to write in a new language with the same ease.

Such tools have proven to be of great help for students to adopt the new language quicker. The only task left for them is to gather information about the topic at hand, jot down the points, and prepare a draft.

The tools help them learn new words; identify grammar, spelling, and construction errors, making the essay flawless. The tools carry out the role of a virtual teacher providing guidance and continually monitoring their activities.

One of the many perks of such an online essay writing checker is that these are available for free. The users can avail of these services without paying any charges and minus the application’s logging burden. However, instead of going just for a free checker, opting for the best features is the right decision.

They are easy to use and quite fast, generating results within just a few minutes. Most importantly, these tools ensure accuracy, pointing out the writers’ errors that are often overlooked.

Copyleaks is an essential writing checker, especially concerning plagiarism check, where the software platform provides the user with an almost accurate result in realtime.


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