How to Cite an Interview? Get It Done With the Help of Online Tools

Why is it crucial to know how to cite an interview? While preparing academic papers, the researchers have to gather essential and unique data to make their documents stand out from the others.

Data received from an interview is precious, but they also open up new avenues of the personality who is the research’s central figure. Such unique data boosts the topic or argument that is the central theme of the papers.

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The challenge that is associated with such work is handling such crucial data. Information such as exchanging words and conversation of an interview is intensely personal to the two parties. However, there is no harm in using them in one’s written piece as long as the writer is aware of the need and art of citation. 

Why Is the Data Gathered From Personal Communication Considered Critical?

Typically these sources are not open to all. The information of a personal interview is in the form of communication between interviewer and interviewee. Thus most of these have restrictions on its usage.

  • Many times it is done so to protect the interest of both the parties. A data is a case sensitive thing; thus, access is limited for its confidentiality.
  • In other instances, the content is often meant only for a particular organization, institution, faculties, or students. Hence, access to unwanted data is not appreciated.

How to Cite an Interview?

The unique the content of the research paper is, the better it is valued. The content of any interview, though inaccessible, might be vital to establish or prove a point, or it might offer a rare insight about an otherwise common topic. In such cases, communication becomes irreplaceable and compels the writer to include it to improve its quality.

  • Before using such confidential content, the writers must familiarize themselves with the citation guide to avoid creating content that may be considered a duplicate content that may not pass the plagiarism test.
  • Students, teachers, and researchers of the academic field may seek APA format assistance that allows writers to use personal communication such as interviews, emails, letters, and more.
  • As per the APA format rules, the writer may use personal communication sources in their papers with parentheses’ help.
  • The creator needs to follow the format that requires them to write the author’s initial and last name, the exact words “personal communication,” followed by the communication date to use it safely and pass the citation checker test. 
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  • If feasible, the writer may also mention the type of communication source: letter/ email/ interview, and other such things.
  • The creators should avoid mentioning such sources in the reference list. The reference list or bibliography is provided to the readers to encourage and help them for further reading. However, including such sources in the reference list means providing readers access to unauthorized content or misguiding them. Thus in such cases, the writer must limit only to in-text citation.
  • In case of any anonymous interview, one can provide the job role and the organization’s name along with either the interviewer or the interviewee’s name.

Using Online Tools as a Citation Guide

  • Citation Checker:

With the help of the readily available online tools, the writers can learn the art of citation. Citation checker tools can identify and differentiate between original and duplicate content and save the writer from the accusation of plagiarism.

Without citation, any written piece that has used any direct word, phrase, a quote from an interview, or referred may be considered a mere copy, leading to the paper’s cancellation.

  • Plagiarism Checker:

Online plagiarism checker tools shed the burden of manual proofreading of the writer as they quickly point out repeated words, sentences, phrases comparing two documents. Such tools prevent unintentional plagiarism on the part of the content creator.

Often the writers quote lines or refer to personal communication as a source but miss out on parentheses. They may check for plagiarism with these tools to avoid accidental plagiarism. Not providing the authors credit for their original creation and creativity is also a form of plagiarism that leads to defamation and degrades the paper’s value.

  • Source Types:

Irrespective of their citation styles or writing style, writers must be cautious while choosing the sources of the information they are about to use in their papers. It is more relevant in personal documents such as interviews that have a strict prohibition on public access.

Such data may often come with copyright and firm regulation and rules about it being used in the public forum to protect the owners’ interest.

It is advisable to avoid such copyrighted contents that may lead the offenders to face legal charges, including monetary and face loss. In case the writer needs to use such sensitive interview content, they must seek the help of the online tools to appropriately city and make use of the content.

  • MLA Format:

One of the most commonly used styles of writing papers MLA also guides the writer on how to cite an interview, even a webpage risk-free. MLA guidelines are readily available online, and its suggestions are similar to that of APA style. The writer should avoid mentioning personal communication in the reference list.

Few Words Before Final Conclusion

Along with other significant guidelines, one should also revise the format and structures with tools available online. The software is easy-to-use and is time-saving. Learn the nitty-gritty of citing an interview with these handy online tools for creating errorless and quality content.

In an academic paper, not a single copied word will be accepted. Hence, while writing an academic essay, one has to be careful, and even the teacher has to be careful. Thus, there is a tool like the Copyleaks plagiarism detection tool.

However, unlike many other tools in the market, Copyleaks is different. With the new Machine Learning and AI-based technology, Copyleaks identify the duplicate content and the paraphrased content. If a student misses a citation, then that too is easily identified by this platform.


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