Copyleaks Helps Enterprise Security Teams Reduce AI Risk and Ensure Responsible Adoption with Generative AI Governance and Compliance Suite

NEW YORK, NY – July 25, 2023Copyleaks, the leading AI-based text analysis, plagiarism identification, and AI-content detection platform, today announced the expansion of its 生成AIガバナンスとコンプライアンス suite with the release of its AI Monitoring and Auditing products, providing comprehensive enterprise-level protection to ensure responsible generative AI adoption and proactively mitigate all potential risks.


With the rapid adoption of generative AI across enterprises, security, copyright, and privacy breaches are on the minds of every Chief Information Security Officer. With its latest release, Copyleaks aims to alleviate those concerns, offering products that provide comprehensive protection from monitoring to auditing to ensure responsible generative AI adoption.


With AI Monitoring, a browser plugin that system admins can quickly and easily implement, enterprises can:

  • Monitor and enforce company-wide generative AI policies and require users to deactivate chat history storage within AI model settings to help remove concerns over quality control plus potential cyber security leaks and privacy vulnerabilities.
  • Avoid potential plagiarism and copyright infringement with the only solution that can detect AI-based plagiarism, empowering you to know where your generative AI content sources from while mitigating potential risks.
  • Ensure compliance with sensitive data detection and maintain control over privacy and security with a preventative list of specific keywords, personal information, and expressions your organization wants to ban from being input into AI generator prompts.
  • Activate a company-wide emergency lockdown to handle data leaks immediately by blocking all use of AI generators until the breach has been investigated and resolved.


Copyleaks’ AI Auditing product provides enterprise security teams with the necessary data to conduct in-depth audits across the organization to stay informed of generative AI use, surface possible data exposures, and ensure compliance.


With AI Auditing, implemented via a fully customizable API, enterprises can:

  • Surface any potential exposures by accessing comprehensive data on AI activity pertinent to the organization, including keyword searches, user conversation history with AI generators, and more.
  • Maintain and reinforce trust among key stakeholders, including regulators, with proof that the organization governs responsible AI use and complies with required regulations and policies.
  • Enact user consent forms unique to an organization’s guidelines and policies surrounding responsible AI compliance that every user must agree to and sign off on before gaining access and utilizing AI generators.


“AI tools, including ChatGPT, are clearly changing the content creation process, opening up a world of possibilities, but with those possibilities, we’re also learning more about the liabilities,” said Alon Yamin, CEO and Co-Founder of Copyleaks. “There are a number of well-documented examples highlighting the risks of utilizing AI. That’s why our Generative AI Governance suite, with monitoring and auditing capabilities, provides a full range of enterprise protection to ensure responsible generative AI adoption, helping proactively mitigate all potential security risks and protect proprietary data.”

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