The Most Common Forms of Student Plagiarism

Writing papers for school can sometimes be a tedious task. Between the reading, researching, and sometimes needing to come up with your own opinion, finding the right words to write -see what I did there- can be somewhat difficult. When you accidentally forget the necessary requirements of quoting and citing your sources, you may find yourself guilty of committing plagiarism. Let’s take a look at the most common types of student plagiarism.

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How to Prove You Didn’t Commit Plagiarism

As the semester is starting to come to a close, the topics for final papers are also pouring in. The majority of papers in high school, college, and post-graduate studies will require at least one research paper to be written at the end of the semester. Follow our steps on how to write your papers and prove you didn’t commit plagiarism before you even hand the paper in!

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How to Summarize without Plagiarizing

You’ve got days or even hours until that three-page paper is due on that really obscure event in history that seems to be haunting you. While the assignment isn’t that difficult, you need to provide a summary without actualizing plagiarizing words from one or more authors. Here’s how to do it without getting in trouble.

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Our Interview with the Reporter Who Uncovered the Biggest Plagiarism Scandal

melania trump michelle obama plagiarism

We were excited to speak with the journalist who broke one of the most interesting and talked-about plagiarism scandals to date, Jarrett Hill. Hill tells us how he discovered there was plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech, his favorite hashtag, and why he thinks plagiarism is what many writers feel is their last resort.

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How plagiarism detection helps your company

plagiarism detection finds duplicate content on the web

There are many reasons why stealing words from another person is wrong, some more obvious than others. But aside from ethical reasons, there are other ways duplicate content can harm your work. Read on to find out why:

SEO Algorithms:

With Google algorithms constantly changing, it’s important to understand which search terms will be the best for your website. If someone has stolen content from your site, this will change how high up your website will appear. Directing traffic to a competitor is the easiest way to lose followers and in turn, money.

New Freelancers:

When hiring outside agents, it’s hard to know someone’s work when they are writing on behalf of your company for the first time. While you may provide training for your employees, freelancers and contracted workers may not adhere to the same rules. Always scan for plagiarism in their work before you publish it on your site.

Speech Writers:

A few months ago, Melania Trump broke the internet for what may be one of the biggest plagiarism scandals ever. During the 2016 Republican National Convention, Melania’s speech included passages from a speech Michelle Obama had previously given. When Jarrett Hill heard the speech, he recognized the phrases from the First Lady immediately. Speech writers need to be careful that inspiration shouldn’t be swapped for plagiarism.

Research Journal Publishers

Research is conducted on the basis that facts are being provided and new research is taking place. If a researcher takes claims from someone else, their research is no longer valid. Editors and publishers have to go to great lengths to assure the work in their journals is new. Scanning for plagiarism lessens this feat in a major way.

Information Leaks

Data leaks are the new threat to all kinds of companies. From Sony to Yahoo, Target to AshleyMadison, our information seems to be more and more at risk of being stolen and shown to the wrong eyes. A routine scan of your content through the internet will let you know first if your content is somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Before publishing something to your site, be sure to check your content is original. Try Copyleaks for Businesses and our API today.

5 Must-do’s in School This Fall


With Labor Day in the distant past, we all know the feeling of school being in full swing. As the leaves start to change color and we get settled in our routines, it’s important to remember how to ace more than your grades!

Here are the 5 things to guarantee a great fall semester:

1.Schedule time to work on your assignments

Students are more likely to do better in school when they plan ahead. Block out a chunk of time to complete your assignments every day. If you know a big test or paper is coming up, plan ahead to have extra time. When you finish early, you’ll thank yourself and your calendar!

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Five places you don’t want to get caught plagiarizing

We’ve all been there-a tight deadline looming overhead and only a few words on your document. When it comes to crunch time, creating your own work is always the answer no matter how long it takes. Here are five places you don’t want to plagiarize any work from.

Your final paper

You’ve worked so hard all semester to get the grade you deserve. Don’t ruin it by copying and pasting from a source you found on Wikipedia. Be sure to write in your own words to make the paper sound like you. Teachers and professors are trained experts on what copied work looks like, so don’t chance it!

Your job application

You’ve found your dream job-finally! After attaching your resume you are filling out a few questions of why exactly you’re the best candidate for the job. Don’t be tempted to look at someone’s resume that may be similar to yours and add a blurb to your application. While this may not hurt you legally, you certainly won’t get hired.

Your editorial debut

Whether you’ve been writing for a paper for twenty years or are contributing to a digital publication for the first time, be sure to cite where necessary. Getting caught using other words next to your by-line may have you banned for writing for years to come.

Your medical research journal

After all the months or years dedicated to focusing on a study, explaining the findings in your own words is something the whole community takes seriously. Keep your research at the front of their minds by writing original content.

An important speech in front of hundreds (or thousands) of people

If you’re speaking at an event-awards ceremony, conference, political convention, or even a friend’s wedding, everyone will be listening. Now is your time to shine-don’t mess it up by “borrowing” a few lines from someone else without referencing them. Not only will you embarrass yourself, but you’ll be remembered as the one who plagiarized their speech.

For all of your writing needs, be sure to write your own, original content. When you’re ready to protect your work, be sure to use plagiarism detection services from Copyleaks. Try it for free today.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker API

You may have noticed that we recently added many new features and capabilities to our different services, including our Plagiarism Checker API.

Our new and improved API gives you more options than ever before to track and detect your content online.

1. We have created dedicated APIs for the academic world as well as for businesses. Each of the APIs will find out if your content has been plagiarized online using specific databases as well as billions of online pages.

2. The integration process is simpler than ever before using our new SDKs for Python, C#, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, and PHP. The code is ready for you to use and you can immediately integrate your systems with Copyleaks API and check for plagiarism.

3. There is now an option to scan free text for plagiarism as well as URLs and files (local and from the cloud) to make sure all of your content is protected.

4. We added new payment plans so you can choose a plan that perfectly fits your needs.

It is now easier and simpler to integrate with the Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker API  and to follow your organization’s content online distribution. Try it out now for free!

We are always happy to hear you thoughts and ideas, feel free to contact us.

How to Scan for Plagiarism in the Academic World

We’re excited to release our latest tool to scan plagiarism for the academic world.

As a teacher or professor, checking for plagiarism in your students’ work shouldn’t be a tedious task. We’ve taken the hassle away so you can get thorough results, quickly!

As a student, you’ve already worked so hard on making your final paper and school assignments perfect. Before you submit your paper, a simple check for plagiarism can make all the difference in your grade.

We’ve made this simple so you can scan and receive your comprehensive results in a few minutes. All you have to do is click “Add New” and you can scan various format files (like PDF, doc, txt, and more), a URL, or add a blurb of text on the spot

Your scan will take a few second to a few minutes depending on the amount you are scanning, and soon you will see results of similar websites that may have been included in your paper. These results include the percentage and word count, which is perfect if only a specific percentage is allowed per source!


Be sure to use Copyleaks for Academics for all of your final assignment plagiarism scanning needs!

Try it for free or sign up for one of our plans today!

How to Use the Copyleaks API for Copyright Plagiarism

Protecting your content online can seem like a daunting task. Make your life easier and feel safe knowing your content is always protected with the Copyleaks API. Follow these easy steps to get your site protected in no time!

  1. Sign up-it’s free. Visit Copyleaks to sign up for your free account. Be sure to confirm the email in order to get started.
  2. Get your key. Once you have logged in, visit your “Dashboard”. In the right corner, you will see “Access Keys”. These keys enable you to identify yourself to the Copyleaks authorization system.
  3. Sync Up You can now start using the API. From here you can create a unique process and receive results.
  4. Receive Results! Once your process has been completed, you can call the results to be viewed through your Process ID. Be sure to save the results, as we refresh results every 24 hours!

Want to know more about how easy it is to integrate our API with your site? Read more here or email [email protected]