Empower error-free writing with suggestions on grammar, sentence structure, tone, overall mechanics, and more.

It’s More Than Just Another Grammar Checker

Combine with the award-winning AI Detector and Plagiarism Detector for a genuinely full-spectrum suite dedicated to creating original, error-free content the first time, every time.

Think of It As Your
Personal Proofreader

Keep your writing concise and fresh with sentence structure tips that help prevent run-ons, fragments, and more. Plus, word choice suggestions align your vocabulary with the intended audience and identify potentially misused words and homophones. 

Personal Proof reader

Write With
Absolute Confidence

Get notifications identifying potential writing mechanic errors, including spelling mistakes, comma errors, and more. Also, be alerted to conjunction errors, subject-verb disagreements, misused prepositions, and everything in between.

Grammar Error text breakdown
Writing Assistant with AI and Plagiarism Detector

Be Original and
Fully Transparent 

Combine with the award-winning AI and Plagiarism Detector, for a genuinely full-spectrum suite dedicated to empowering the creation of original, error-free writing and offering complete content transparency.

Empower Your Writing Without AI Detection Concerns

Where some writing assistant tools can be flagged as generative AI, the Copyleaks Writing Assistant does not. To learn more, check out our analysis here.

Copyleaks Grammar score breakdown of corrections, insights, and readability

Get Full Insight With the Grammar Score

The Grammar Score is an overall assessment of a submitted text, configured based on three components.

  1. Corrections: This encompasses suggestions for grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and word choice.

  2. Insights: A breakdown of average word and sentence length, number of sentences, reading time, and more.

  3. Readability: Determines how easy content is to read and provides historical data, allowing easy comparison against prior submissions.

Say More With
Multi-Language Support

While most writing tools only support English, the Copyleaks Writing Assistant offers multi-language support, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Multi Language support
Node JS

A Fully Flexible API Built By Developers for Developers

The Grammar Checker API was built with the developer in mind. It’s fully customizable and supports key programming languages, including C#, Node.JS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and more.