Generative AI Governance
and Compliance

Enforce enterprise-wide policies, ensure responsible generative
AI adoption, and proactively mitigate all potential risks.
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Confidently Navigate Generative AI With a
Full Suite of Enterprise-Level Protection

Gen AI Auditing

With simple API integration, get a deep dive into enterprise-wide generative AI use, including AI-generated source code licenses beyond just GitHub, to surface any potential exposures and mitigate all potential risks.
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Gen AI Monitoring

A comprehensive, easy-to-install browser plugin to effectively monitor generative AI use across your organization and enforce generative AI policies in real time for maximum protection.

From Monitoring to Auditing, Comprehensive Protection Ensures Responsible Generative AI Adoption

Keep Your Proprietary Code Secure

Maintain full transparency around AI-generated code, including its licenses, where it originates from, and more, so you can keep your proprietary code secure.

Stay Informed With Regular, Automated Audits

Save information that users input into AI generators to keep track of restricted keywords, sensitive data, and more across teams and individuals. 

Surface All Potential Exposures

Access comprehensive data on AI activity pertinent to you and your organization, including keyword searches, user conversation history with AI generators, and more to surface any potential exposures.

Generate Proof of Governance and Compliance

Maintain and reinforce trust among key stakeholders, including regulators, with proof that your organization governs responsible AI use and complies with required regulations and policies.

Require User Consent

Enact user consent forms unique to your guideline and policies surrounding responsible AI compliance that every user must agree to and sign off on before gaining access and utilizing AI generators.

Protect Sensitive Data

Ensure compliance with sensitive data detection, including email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, credentials, URLs, and more, to prevent sensitive information from being uploaded into AI generators.

Enforce Generative AI Policies 

Monitor and enforce company-wide generative AI policies and help remove concerns over quality control plus potential cyber security, leaks, and privacy vulnerabilities.

Prevent AI Storage and Leaks

Require users to deactivate AI model chat history storage settings to prevent chat data from being stored within AI repositories and used for model training which can lead to potential data leaks.

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Determine What Files Can Be Uploaded

Prevent confidential information or proprietary data leaks by presetting what files can and cannot be uploaded into AI generators. If a restricted file is detected, it will be blocked from submission, and admins will be alerted in real-time. 

Activate a Company-Wide Emergency Lockdown

Handle data leaks immediately with a company-wide emergency lockdown that blocks all use of AI generators until the breach has been investigated and resolved.  

Avoid Potential Plagiarism & Copyright Infringement

AI-generated code and content can easily lead to copyright infringement and licensing issues. Stay informed of where your gen AI content sources come from and keep your proprietary content safe while mitigating potential risks.

Restrict the Use of Specific Keywords

Establish a preventative list of specific keywords and expressions your organization wants to ban from being input into AI generator prompts to maintain data control, privacy, and security.

Full Military-Grade Security

Copyleaks prides itself on taking data security and privacy seriously, making it our top priority to protect our clients, system, and infrastructure using the highest levels of security.

A cloud-based system architecture, military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% HTTPS data transferring ensure your complete safety and security. Plus, we are GDPR-compliant and SOC2-certified.

To learn more, visit our Security Practices page.

For answers to frequently asked questions regarding Gen AI Governance, visit our Help Center.

Ensure Responsible Enterprise-Wide AI Adoption

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