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Proactively mitigate risk and have full transparency with the only solution that detects AI-generated code, plagiarized and modified source code, and provides essential licensing details.

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Codeleaks Capabilities

Source Code Detection for the Age of AI

With AI-generated code expanding and proprietary concerns rising, knowing what’s in your code and where it comes from is essential.

Ensure Full Code Transparency

Know if your code was AI-generated and identify if any portions have been plagiarized or modified, even if certain elements have been altered or entire portions changed, with the market’s most accurate code plagiarism checker.

Full Transparency
Identical, Minor Changes, Modified

Mitigate Potential Licensing and Copyright Infringement

Know if code is restricted to avoid copyright infringement with licensing detail alerts and searches across the most popular code repositories, including GitHub, Stack Overflow, and more. 

Keep Your Proprietary Code Secure

Ensure your proprietary code remains protected with regular monitoring and automated scans alerting you of potential infringements or leaks.

Sample source code
Automated Recurring Scan Settings
Scan recurrence
Detection Languages

Detect at the
Language Level

Each scan reads the code as individual tokens based on the unique coding language, providing more accurate, in-depth results. Supported languages include Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C++, C, Java, C# and PHP.

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Key Features


AI-Generated Code Detection

The only platform capable of verifying originality and identifying AI-generated source code across multiple languages with up to 99.8% accuracy.


Detail Alerts

Get alerted to essential code licensing details to avoid violations and copyright infringement.


Plagiarism and Modification 

Identify if source code has been plagiarized or modified, even if certain variables have been altered or entire portions changed.

Copyleaks Integrations

A Seamless LMS Experience

Identify source code plagiarism and more from your native LMS.

A Fully Customizable API

Customize your source code detection with simple API integration.

Confidently Navigate Source Code

In the Age of AI With Codeleaks

Codeleaks is also available in our AI Content and Plagiarism products.