AI Grader
By Copyleaks

A revolutionary solution for efficiently grading thousands of standardized tests at every level.

A first-of-its-kind assessment grader.

Harness the true potential of AI technology and grade tens of thousands of standardized tests at the state, national, and university-wide levels without bias or external influences.

Combine AI Grader with the award-winning AI Detector, Plagiarism Detector, and the all-new Writing Assistant for an enhanced, powerful suite dedicated to improving efficiency and error-free content.

Faster, More Accurate

Test Results

The AI Grader can quickly and accurately assess tens of thousands of standardized tests at the state, national, and university-wide levels without bias or external influences, giving students a more accurate grade for written assignments in a shorter amount of time.

Eliminate the Worry of Error

Harness the power of AI-assisted grading to fix the discrepancy between human grading mistakes, eliminating any worry about potential errors and removing all doubt of potential unethical grading practices.

Improve Overall Efficiency 

AI-based grading can improve overall efficiency, helping reduce the risk of grader fatigue, improving turnaround windows for test results, and saving time overall for test administrators.

Explore the possibilities today.

How It Works

1. AI Grader analyzes a batch of human-graded papers, learning the answers and how grades were applied.

2. The AI-automated grading technology then replicates and imitates the human graders to start grading exams in bulk.

3. Scores are assigned similarly to human grading, and tests are delivered back, all in a matter of minutes.


Evolving Technology

Thanks to the latest AI technology, AI Grader is constantly evolving, learning, and improving its grading ability.

Multiple Languages

Multi-Language Scans

Grade papers, essays, or exams in over 100 languages.

Grammar Checker

Scan Physical Exams

Get alerted to essential code licensing details to avoid violations and copyright infringement.

AI Grader Case Study

The Ministry of Education in Israel administers a national examination for all students graduating from high school, consisting of a variety of subjects, including history and literature.

Two human graders are assigned to score, often taking weeks or even months to grade. Plus, to remove any bias, grades are calculated by taking the average score of the two human graders; this is an expensive and time-consuming process.

The Israeli Ministry of Education collaborated with Copyleaks, utilizing AI Grader, to see if they could increase their efficiency and potentially reduce costs.

ministry of education israel

The Results

Utilizing AI Grader saved the government and ed tech enterprises time, money, and resources annually.


The average median score difference between AI grader and the two human graders.


The average increase of turnaround for AI grader to deliver the final scores to the exams when compared to the average of 45 days for human graders.


The increase in delivery of results to students with AI grader compared to human graders.