AI Content Detector Continues To Be Confirmed As Most Accurate By Third-Party Studies

Copyleaks AI Content Detector at the top of the Studies' Research

In July 2023, four researchers from across the globe published a study on the Cornell Tech-owned arXiv, declaring Copyleaks AI Content Detector the most accurate for detecting Large Language Models (LLM) generated text. 

For the study, the researchers collected 124 submissions from computer science students written before ChatGPT was created. They then generated 40 ChatGPT submissions and used the data to evaluate eight publicly available LLM-generated text detectors. 

Here were their key findings,

That was just the beginning. 

Since then, additional independent third-party studies have been released, each one highlighting the accuracy and efficiency of the AI Content Detector.

Check out the findings below. 

Study: Detecting AI Content in Responses Generated by ChatGPT, YouChat, and Chatsonic: The Case of Five AI Content Detection Tools

Author: Chaka Chaka, University of South Africa

Published: July 2023

Multiple Languages
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Read the full study here.

Study: How Hard Can It Be? Testing the Reliability of AI Detection Tools

Author: Daniel Lee, University of Adelaide

Published: September 2023

ai detection results after human modifications

Read the full study here.

Study: The Effectiveness of Software Designed To Detect AI-Generated Writing: A Comparison of 16 AI Text Detectors

Author: William H. Walters, Manhattan College

Published: October 2023

copyleaks most accurate ai content detector

Percentage of all 126 documents for which each detector gave correct, uncertain, or incorrect responses.

Read the full study here.

Study: Accuracy Pecking Order – How 30 AI detectors stack up in detecting generative artificial intelligence content in university English L1 and English L2 student essays

Author: Chaka Chaka, University of South Africa

Published: April 2024

Only two AI detectors, Copyleaks and Undetectable AI, managed to correctly detect all of the essay sets of the two English language categories (English L1 and English L2) as human written. As a result, these two AI detectors jointly shared the first spot in terms of the GenAI detection accuracy ranking.

Read the full study here.

Study: How Sensitive Are the Free AI-detector Tools in Detecting AI-generated Texts? A Comparison of Popular AI-detector Tools

Author: Sujita Kumar Kar, Teena Bansal, Sumit Modi, and Amit Singh, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

Published: May 2024

Read the full study here.

As the studies show, with Copyleaks, you can have complete peace of mind with a solution that covers all of your AI detection bases, evolves with the ever-changing technology, and ensures originality while inspiring authenticity. 

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