AI Content Detector API

AI-generated text technology is evolving quickly.  Stay ahead with the Copyleaks AI Content Detector API.

100% Private. Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

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Explore AI Content Detector API

Add a new level of content protection and verification with the Copyleaks AI Content Detector API. 

With 99.12% accuracy, AI Content Detector API is the only enterprise solution designed to keep users informed on whether the content was written by a human or generated by AI, including ChatGPT.

Plus, it’s fully white-labeled, so you can customize the look and feel to suit the needs of your team and organization.

A Fully Customizable API Built
By Developers for Developers

The AI Content Detector API was created with the developer in mind.

That’s why it supports most programming languages, including C#, Node.JS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and more.

See the AI Content Detector API in action: book a demo today.

Learn More About the Copyleaks AI Content Detector

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What You're Getting

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Tailor our AI Content Detector API integration to meet your needs; choose the look and feel, and decide how you want it positioned within your platform.


Speed and Efficiency

With 99.12% accuracy, you’ll get the most thorough and accurate findings within a matter of seconds.

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AI Content Detection in 5 Languages (and Growing)

The Copyleaks AI Content Detector reads English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, with more languages currently in the works.


Detailed Analytics

Your AI Content Detector API dashboard will allow for detailed analytics, including data usage and quota availability.

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With Copyleaks Teams, set up unique scan profiles, invite individual members or entire departments, create units within the platform based on departments, view and share Similarity Reports, and more.


Security and Privacy

Any data and documents uploaded are not submitted to third parties for comparison. We ensure your safety with cloud-based system architecture, military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% data transferred using secure channels (HTTP).

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Find all documentation you need including SDKs with code examples, methods documentation, technical specifications, and more.

An API AI-content Detection Solution Designed to Fit You

Copyleaks AI Content Detector API allows you to customize the integration to your platform precisely as needed.

Book a free demo, see our API integration and AI Content Detector in action, and get answers to any questions about API and other Copyleaks products.