Edmentum が学術的誠実性のニーズをサポートするために Copyleaks を選択

Copyleaks to Detect Plagiarism and AI Generated Content Across Apex Courses and Edmentum Courseware

Bloomington, MN (July 18, 2023)As educators continue to understand the challenges and opportunities presented by artificially generated content, エドメンタム has partnered with Copyleaks, a market-leading AI-based text analysis platform to enable teachers to detect potential plagiarism and the presence of AI content across multiple formats including text and images. Edmentum will offer the Copyleaks platform as an add-on solution to its Courseware and Apex Courses products in time for the start of the 2023-24 academic year. 

“With the meteoric rise of generative AI tools over the past several months, we have focused on the best way to address educator concerns around academic integrity, including plagiarism and AI generated content. It was important for us to identify a partner that could provide a constructive rather than punitive experience. Through Copyleaks’ flexible tool and reports, teachers can easily detect potential plagiarism and work with students to ensure their writing is their own,” explained Todd Mahler, Chief Product Officer, Edmentum. “It’s critical that we help educators and students understand the possibilities generative AI has surfaced. Copyleaks will help us do just that.”

“Generative AI continues to change the educational landscape, literally re-writing the definition of plagiarism and the guidelines of academic integrity, ” said Alon Yamin, CEO of Copyleaks. “That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to partner with Edmentum, the leading provider of online learning programs, and to bring our cutting-edge AI technology to Edmentum’s Courseware and Apex Courses products in the 2023-24 academic year, furthering our efforts to provide educators with the necessary tools to empower responsible AI use, encourage learning and originality, and ensure the authenticity of all learning content.”

In a recent worldwide study, Copyleaks found that 12.18% of high school student papers and assignments contained AI-generated content. By offering Copyleaks as an add-on solution to Edmentum Courseware and Apex Courses, teachers will gain access to tools for evaluating student work and reports that indicate possible plagiarism or use of AI generated content including GPT-4 and Bard. With these tools, educators can intervene with students as needed to provide the right level of support and coaching. Edmentum’s own teachers also will have access to Copyleaks through EdOptions Academy and Apex Learning Virtual School.



アイデアを共有し、自信を持って学習できる安全な環境の構築に専念し、 Copyleaks は、世界中の企業、教育機関、そして何百万もの個人が、ほぼすべての言語で潜在的な盗用や言い換えを特定し、AI 生成コンテンツを検出し、信頼性と所有権を検証し、エラーのない文章作成を支援するために使用する AI ベースのテキスト分析会社です。 詳細については、 copyleaks.com また follow Copyleaks on LinkedIn.

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