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Adopt GenAI Responsibly and Ensure Enterprise Security

Have complete assurance around generative AI adoption without the worry of data leaks and security breaches.

Navigate Generative AI With Absolute Confidence

The advancement of generative AI technology presents both benefits and concerns for CISOs and those in the cyber security space. Adopt genAI responsibly and avoid potential risks around security and data with Copyleaks.

Ensure Enterprise Compliance and Establish Guardrails

Copyleaks の受賞歴のある AI 搭載コンテンツ分析プラットフォームを使用して、常に変化する環境におけるコンプライアンスの課題に先手を打ってください。独自のソース コードに関する潜在的なリスクを積極的に軽減し、知的財産を保護し、チームが社内ポリシーに準拠していることを保証します。

Get Real-Time Insight into Potential Security Breaches

Generative AI can make your platform vulnerable if not appropriately handled. Copyleaks GenAI Governance provides real-time data so you can quickly locate the source of a security breach and help prevent future incidents.

Create and Implement Organization-Wide GenAI Policies

Establish genAI policies and have the proper guardrails in place to monitor and enforce those policies across the organization, removing concerns over quality control and potential cyber security, leaks, and privacy vulnerabilities.

Prevent Third-Party Data Storage 

Require users within your organization to disable AI model chat history storage before interacting with an AI model to avoid any data being stored within AI repositories and used for future model training.

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Full AI Model Coverage

Detect content generated across all AI models, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude, plus newer models once released.

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Flexible API Options

Bring the power of Copyleaks to your native platform with our comprehensive, fully flexible API options.


Multi-Language Support

The Copyleaks 盗作検出器 supports over 100 languages, and the AI検出器 supports over 30 languages, the most of any platform on the market. 


AI-Generated Source Code Detection

Safeguard code-related training data with a comprehensive solution that detects AI-generated source code, even if it’s been altered.


Interspersed AI Content Detection

Our AI detection can recognize AI-generated text even if interspersed with human-written content to ensure complete visibility.



Every Copyleaks product boasts military-grade security, GDPR compliance, and SOC2 & SOC3 certification. For full security details, ここをクリック.

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