The Biden Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

On October 30, 2023, the Biden Administration issued an Executive Order with the intention of  “seizing the promise and managing the risks of artificial intelligence (AI).”

At Copyleaks, we preemptively began the necessary steps with some of the world’s largest enterprises to ensure responsible AI adoption, including GenAI governance and compliance.

Ensure transparency, compliance, and responsible AI adoption with the leader in AI-text analysis. Because when it comes to GenAI, we’re already ahead. 

Responsible GenAI Adoption Is Who We Are

From the authentication of AI content to watermarking and everything in between,
Copyleaks has led the way in responsible GenAI adoption since the beginning.

AI Technology Governance and Privacy

Security and privacy breaches are at the forefront of concern with the rapid adoption of GenAI among enterprises. Copyleaks aims to alleviate those concerns with GenAI governance offerings that include monitoring to auditing to mitigate privacy and security risks.

Authenticating Content
and Tracking Its Provenance

Copyleaks ensures authenticity and provides full transparency around the source of AI-generated content to avoid potential plagiarism, copyright infringement, and other pitfalls. 

AI Sample Source Code

Detecting Synthetic Content

As GenAI evolved, so did the risks surrounding its adoption. With machine learning, Copyleaks has evolved alongside AI, adding the capability to identify AI-generated source code, AI content interspersed with human-written, AI plagiarism, and more.

Labeling Synthetic Content,
Such As Using Watermarking

From the outset, Copyleaks has been authenticating AI-generated content by establishing synthetic labels, including watermarking, to help users confirm the accuracy and reliance of the content provided.

Sample AI Text Document with watermark

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