How to Prevent and Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the name for all kinds of improper use or theft of original written material. Plagiarism is illegal and is punishable due to the copyright laws that protect authors and their creations. Plagiarism is the same as any other crime. The law applies to everyone, even those who are not aware of plagiarism.

Prevention of plagiarism

Every author wishes to protect his or her creation. No one wants their work to be used, without proper compensation. Preventing plagiarism is not an easy task because written material, especially on the internet, is highly accessible and available to everybody. Nonetheless, there are some precautions that you as a writer must take in order to protect oneself from plagiarism. At the bottom of each page it is recommended to put a declaration of the rights which are reserved to you. Moreover, you can add that no use can be made of the material without your permission. It may also be useful to put the name of the author on each and every page of the text, to deter plagiarists from copying your work.

Avoiding plagiarism

As written above, there are many cases in which the plagiarist was either, not aware of his actions or did not know about the danger of plagiarism. In order to better understand the nature of plagiarism and avoiding it, there are certain steps and precautions that must be made.Before using someone else’s written material you must be familiar with the proper way of paraphrasing and quoting. The text you use for your own advantage must be written in your own words. It is possible to preserve the main idea of the written work but the way of expression must be unique, original and exclusively yours.In order to preserve the ethical and moral laws of writers, one must be familiar with all kinds of plagiarism and should strive to avoid plagiarism and theft at all costs.

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