Plagiarism Checker for Essays

Plagiarism Checker
for Essays

Checking essays for plagiarism is something that both teachers and students take very seriously. Honesty in educational writing is integral to successfully completing a course. Regardless of the length of work, teachers are always checking that the assignment is original whether it’s 3 pages or 300. The citations and originality of the work are both considered to be important enough.

Writing original content for your essay and thesis paper is important for academic integrity. Every teacher has their own standard of what percentage of plagiarism is allowed but this typically means sources that are being cited directly or paraphrased.

When checking for plagiarism in an essay or other school work, teachers and professors have a few options for how to scan their work using Copyleaks.


Compare Docs Tool

If there is suspicion that work has been taken from one student’s assignment and used in another, an easy way to see the similarity of the documents is with the Compare Documents Tool. Simply upload the raw text, URLs, or files to see instantly the similar highlighted passages.

Copyleaks API & Education Service

If you have a large amount of work you would like to scan against each other and the rest of the internet, uploading the essays through the API or our manual scan will allow you to see the similar results against all of the essays, past students, and the internet. Receive results in as little as a few seconds to see where those URLs or original essays came from.

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