Copyleaks introduce repository on-premise, stabilendo un nuovo standard per la protezione dei dati

I repository locali portano il robusto database Copyleaks nell'ambiente digitale chiuso e sicuro di un'organizzazione

New York, NY – May 16, 2024 Copyleaks, a pioneering force in AI-based text analysis and plagiarism detection, today announced the release of on-premises Repositories, the latest in its expanding offerings designed to elevate data protection standards for organizations worldwide. 


On-premises repositories are fully managed by an organization’s data infrastructure while scanning the internet or their private data and ensuring they get the most comprehensive search comparison based on their specific requirements. This innovative solution empowers businesses and government agencies to control their proprietary data completely while utilizing Copyleaks’ cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent plagiarism, copyright infringement, and other similar issues.

Key features of on-premises Repositories include: 


  1. Comprehensive Security: Retain all sensitive data within the organization’s secured digital environment, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or potential data breaches.

  2. Complete Control: Control organizational data and manage access permissions, usage rights, storage policies, and more.

  3. Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and systems, allowing teams across the organization to leverage Copyleaks’ robust capabilities without disrupting operations.

  4. Advanced Detection Technology: Utilizing Copyleaks’ industry-leading technology, on-premises Repositories deliver unparalleled search results in every scan, ensuring the authenticity and originality of content.


“Offering our members the option of an on-premises repository continues our advancement in ensuring we offer unparalleled data protection,” said Alon Yamin, CEO and Co-founder of Copyleaks. “We understand the importance of preserving the integrity and confidentiality of our customer’s data. An on-premises solution offers organizations much-needed peace of mind in an age of AI. They can rest assured that their sensitive data remains securely within their digital infrastructure and nowhere else.”


Copyleaks continues to provide secure environments for individuals and organizations alike to share ideas, learn confidently, empower originality, and ensure responsible AI adoption.

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Dedicated to creating secure environments for sharing ideas and learning confidently, Copyleaks is an AI-based text analysis company used by businesses, educational institutions, and millions of individuals around the world to identify potential plagiarism in over 100 languages, uncover AI-generated content, ensure responsible generative AI adoption, verify authenticity and ownership, and empower error-free writing. 

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