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Copyleaks' Rilevatore di intelligenza artificiale is the market’s most comprehensive and accurate AI detection solution, with over 99% accuracy and complete model coverage, including ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude. Customize the AI Detector within your native platform with a fully white-labeled API.

What you get:

Un'API completamente flessibile creata da sviluppatori per sviluppatori

The AI Detector API was built with the developer in mind. It’s fully customizable and supports key programming languages, including C#, Nodo.JS, PHP, Giava, Rubino, Pitonee altro ancora.


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Cosa stai ricevendo


Detect AI At The Sentence Level

Get in-depth insights into what text is human or AI-generated down to the sentence level versus entire paragraphs.

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In-Depth Account Analytics

Account Analytics provides organization-wide data on all scanned assets, allowing you to track trends and make informed decisions around AI use, plagiarism, and more.


Rilevamento del codice sorgente generato dall'intelligenza artificiale

A full-spectrum solution that detects AI-generated source code and provides licensing details, including for source code that has been altered or modified.

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API Integration Support

Choose your best option from our three comprehensive integration support plans and have your API up and running in no time.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Efficiency

Over 99% accuracy, a 0.2% false positive rate, and the ability to detect AI text that’s been paraphrased or interspersed with human text.


Military-Grade Security and Privacy

Copyleaks is both Certificazione SOC 2 e SOC 3 e Conforme al GDPR with military-grade 256-bit encryption. Learn more about our security practices qui.

Detection Across Multiple Languages

  • Inglese
  • spagnolo
  • francese
  • portoghese
  • Tedesco
  • Italiano
  • russo
  • Polacco
  • rumeno
  • Olandese
  • svedese
  • ceco
  • norvegese
  • coreano
  • giapponese
  • Cinese semplificato)
  • Cinese tradizionale)
  • Arabo
  • bengalese
  • bulgaro
  • croato
  • greco
  • ebraico
  • hindi
  • ungherese
  • serbo
  • tailandese
  • Turco
  • ucraino
  • vietnamita

Per un elenco completo delle lingue supportate e della precisione, clicca qui.

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