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Plagiarism Checker For Microsoft Word

How it works?

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Seamless and Easy to Use

Select the content you want to scan and receive results immediately.

Comprehensive Results

Provides extremely focused yet accurate results, based on innovative text analyzing algorithms.

Multiple Languages Supported

Scan your Office document for plagiarism in various languages (all Unicode languages).

Scan Against the Web & Archives

Our technology is able to scan over 60 trillion web pages, academic journals, and password protected archives.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Add-on for Microsoft Word lets you check your document for plagiarism straight from your Microsoft Word software, without the need to copy it elsewhere. It gives you access to the Copyleaks cloud and API-based content authentication service from within your Microsoft Office documents. All of your content tracing needs are now completely embedded within the Office365 platform. Checking your Word document for plagiarism has never been easier and more simple.

Copyleaks plagiarism checker helps content-creators including teachers, students, bloggers, writers, and businesses to assess content originality using the most sophisticated content tracing algorithms. Online publishers, bloggers, government agencies, and site owners can effortlessly know their content distribution by running articles, e-books, blogs, or websites’ from their Office Document through Copyleaks plagiarism detector.

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