Copyleaks Partners with Macmillan Learning to Help Teachers and Students Protect the Integrity of Their Work

Copyleaks, an artificial intelligence-based plagiarism detection software company, today announced that the company is partnering with Macmillan Learning, an educational publishing and solutions company, to offer plagiarism detection capabilities for students and instructors. Elements of Copyleaks’ software solution are being integrated into Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s new digital learning platform, helping students develop better academic research skills, cite correctly and ensure the academic integrity of their work.

“By integrating Copyleaks’ API seamlessly with our new tools, Achieve will help students avoid plagiarism in a pedagogically sound way, intervening with instruction before students submit their work,” said Leasa Burton, Vice President, Humanities, Macmillan Learning.

Copyleaks uses advanced AI capabilities to identify close paraphrases from sources in addition to identical text matches. The company’s technology compares the content of student papers to content published on the internet, in databases, and in academic journals to check for plagiarism. Every scan provides a list of results and a report showing results of the 1:1 comparison in more than 100 different languages.

The integration into Achieve, which offers tools to support the teaching and learning of academic writing and research skills, including the proper documentation of sources, will be ready for Achieve English and Composition users in early 2020.

“We are proud to partner with Macmillan Learning, the leader in educational content and digital solutions,” said Alon Yamin, CEO of Copyleaks. “This partnership will provide teachers and students with the broadest set of solutions to create and assess educational content and assignments.”

Copyleaks is available through Macmillan Learning as well as through the Copyleaks plagiarism detector website for educational and enterprise businesses. For more information, go to

About Copyleaks:
Copyleaks is an advanced cloud-based solution that detects and identifies plagiarized content online. Through advanced algorithms, Copyleaks’ plagiarism checker searches content on billions of webpages, sites and online databases, and provides comprehensive yet accurate results of similar content in almost every language. Copyleaks plagiarism checker, for Education and Businesses, is available as an API, a web-based solution. Connect with Copyleaks on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About Macmillan Learning:
Macmillan Learning improves lives through learning. By linking research to learning practice, we develop pioneering products and learning materials for students that is highly effective and drives improved outcomes. Our engaging content is developed in partnership with the world’s best researchers, educators, administrators, and developers. To learn more, please visit; see us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn; or join our Macmillan Community.

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